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Fixing Internet Explorer Script Errors

This document describes how to fix and solve Internet Explorer Script Errors that come up in the 3CX Management Console every time one of the following actions is performed:

  • Uploading an audio file to a Digital receptionist.
  • Uploading an audio file to a Queue.
  • Importing extensions using the Import Extension button.
When the above actions are performed It is common to see an error like the one below:
Internet Explorer Script Error
This is caused by browser cached objects that are corrupted.  These need to be deleted. To do this:
  • Click “No” a number of times until the screen disappears.
  • Close the Browser and all sessions of the browser that you currently have open.
  • Go to “Start” > “Control Panel” > “Internet Options”.
  • Go to the section that says “Browsing History” and click on “Delete”.
  • Select All check boxes (Passwords check box is optional) and click “Delete”. This will delete all cache from the browser.
  • Access the 3CX Management Console and try and upload an audio file to a Digital receptionist.  If you still see the script error, proceed to the next point.
  • Go back to “Control Panel” > “Internet Options” > “Browsing History” and click on “Settings”.
  • A dialog will show named “Temporary Internet Files and History Settings”. Click the “View Files” button.
Script error
  • Select all the files you see in Temporary internet Files and delete them all.
  • Access the 3CX Management Console and try again. This should fix the problem completely.
In 99% of all the cases, these methods will fix this Script error. However the problem might persist on some machines. In this case the following options need to be considered:
  • Use 3CX Winforms Management Console
  • Use Firefox
  • Check IE updates or Windows updates.
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