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Auto Provisioning Multiple IP Phones on the Same Extension

Many companies have work from plans for their employees. The 3CX Phone System allows you to provision multiple IP Phones to the same extension, regardless if the phones are in the office or at home. This way when your extension rings, it will ring both at the office and at home.

There are two procedures which you can follow. The first one is to provision both phones while they are in the same network and then take one home. The second method involves copying the provisioning URL in the phone’s web configuration interface and pressing Autoprovision Now from within the phone’s web interface (the URL location depends on the IP Phone’s manufacturer in the IP phone’s web interface settings). In this guide we will describe how to provision multiple IP phones from within the home LAN.

To do this follow these steps:

    1. Log into the 3CX Management Console and click on the “Phones” node
      This is an image of the Phones node within the 3CX Management Console
    2. Select the first phone that you want to provision and right click on it. You now have the option to either create a new extension, by selecting the “Add Extension” option,  and assign the phone to it, or assign the phone to an already existing extension (both options shown above in red). If you select the “Assign to an existing extension” option you will then need to select an extension from the extension list that will appear and press “OK”.

      This is an image of the extension setting page for the Yealink T46G
    3. You will then be taken to the extension’s settings page in the phone provisioning tab. Notice that the MAC Address and model have been automatically filled in for your phone. You may also select the phone display language from here. If you plan on using the phone in the same network as 3CX Phone System, then in the “Select Provisioning Method” field select “Local LAN (In the Office)”.  If you plan on using the phone out of the 3CX Phone System local network,  then click  on the “Select Provisioning Method” field and  select “Remote Extension (STUN)” or “Remote Extension (SBC)” option from the drop down list of provisioning methods.

Note: in order to provision a phone as a “Remote Extension (SBC)” you need to have the 3CX SBC installed and configured. You may also select your codec priority from this tab. 3CX SBC replaces SIP Proxy Manager on 3CX Phone System V12 SP6 and above.

This image is a screenshot of the BLF Configuration Window for the Yealink T46G

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the provisioning tab to configure your BLF settings (optional). When finished press “Apply”. Your IP phone will restart and provision itself.
  • To provision another IP Phone for the same extension go back to the “Phones” node. Select the phone that you want to provision for the same extension and right click on it.

    This image is a screenshot on how to assign multiple IP Phones to the same extension
  • Select “Assign to an existing extension”, and from the extension list that will appear select the same extension as you did for the previous IP Phone you configured (outlined in red above).

    This image is a screenshot verifying that you want to provision another IP Phone to an extension
  • A notification will appear letting you know that a phone has already been provisioned for this extension. Press “OK” to proceed.

    This image is a screenshot of the Yealink T46G Provisioning Page
  • You will be redirected to the extensions provisioning page where you can configure your second phone.
  • The next steps you need to take to configure your second phone are identical to steps 3 and 4 in this guide.
  • You may repeat the process  to Auto-Provision additional phones to the same extension according to your needs.

See how easy that was? Congratulations! You have now successfully configured multiple IP Phones to one extension.

If you need any more help on how to provisione IP Phones with 3CX Phone System please visit our support page where we have detailed provisioning guides for Yealink and snom IP Phones.


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