Redirecting Calls to GSM for Least-Cost Routing with your Beronet Gateway


Your Beronet Gateway has the ability to receive a stand-alone GSM module (2 SIM cards per module). If your Beronet Gateway has this module installed, the Beronet Gateway wizard will automatically extend its configuration to include GSM settings for least-cost routing. This way your gateway can be configured to route calls to certain mobile networks directly via the SIM card instead of ISDN or FXO ports.

BeroneGSMWizard narrow

The configuration wizard will be automatically extended to include the “GSM Settings” section. To configure your GSM Settings:

  1. Enter the SIM PIN for each SIM card and leave the “SMSC” and “Extension” fields blank.
  2. Fill in the “Route following Prefixes directly to GSM Port 1 & 2” entry fields with the prefixes of the numbers that you want to target, separated by a comma. For example, the T-Mobile carrier in Germany (0049 170 XXXX XXXX) would be added as “0049170,0170” (without the “”).

The gateway’s dial plan will now redirect calls to the SIM cards if a matching number has been dialed.