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Troubleshooting Outlook Add-in errors

Troubleshooting plugin errors in Outlook. What should you do when the plugin fails to load?

There might be cases when the Outlook Add-in will not work. This guide will show you what you can do to enable debugging information in Outlook. This information will give more information on the error and will greatly assist 3CX Support.

Step1. In Outlook 2010 go to “File” > “Options” > “Add-Ins”. You should see the 3CX Assistant Microsoft Outlook 2010 Add-in under the Inactive Application Add-ins.

Step2. Select the 3CX Add-in and click on the Go button to see more detailed information. You will see a window with all the available plug-ins. You should see an error at the bottom of this dialog near Load Behavior

Step3. At this point you have confirmed that the plugin registration with outlook was rejected. To get more details we need to unsuppress error messages from Outlook. First we need to locate where Outlook is installed. In this example Outlook.exe is located in the following path: C:Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office14. Exit outlook completely.
Step4. Open a command prompt window, go to the outlook installed path and type in the following command
Step5. Run outlook from the same command prompt window by typing “outlook.exe”. Outlook will start
Step6. Click on “File” > “Options” > “Add-ins” > Select “3CX Assistant Microsoft Outlook 2010 Add-in”, click the “Go” button. The COM Add-ins dialog will open and check the 3CX Assistant Microsoft Outlook 2010 Add-in – Press “OK”.

At this point a new dialog will open in outlook. Click on Details to see the stack trace. Copy and paste all this content into a text file and send to 3CX Support. We will analyze these situations and get back to you.

Added information

Another option is to re-install the VSTO – Visual Studio Tools for Office, depending on the computer architecture (32 or 64 bit) and the Microsoft Outlook version installed. For more information see the section VSTO INSTALLATION  here which gives detailed information on which VSTO to install in which conditions and from where to manually download them.


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