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Common Error when Deploying a VAD Project

We have simplified the project configuration to successfully deploy it to 3CX Phone System.

One of the improvements includes the support to deploy VAD projects to 3CX Phone System version 10. An incorrect configuration, however, may cause strange errors.

Error During Deployment

If we configure our project to be deployed to 3CX Phone System v11 and then we try to deploy it to 3CX Phone System v12, we’ll see the following error message: An error occurred while deploying the project: Application could not be registered in 3CX Phone System. There are no tenants, so IVR can not be created.

vad error

The solution is to change the value of the project property “PbxVersion” to “V12”. To do this:

  1. Open the project.
  2. Select the project in the Project Explorer window.
  3. Go to the Properties window, select the property “PbxVersion” and set the value “V12”.

Why This Error Occurs

In order to register the callflow as a Digital Receptionist in 3CX Phone System, the Voice Application Designer uses a library that has changed since 3CX Phone System 10. So to register the callflow in 3CX version 8 and 9, the VAD uses an old version of a library, and for version 10 it uses a newer version.  Both libraries have the same name and public interface – it only changes the internal implementation.

The 3CX Voice Application Designer is not able to know which library version is the right one for each case, so this must be specified by the user for each project. Also, once the library has been loaded into memory, it can’t be unloaded while the VAD process is alive, so if you change this configuration setting, you will have to restart the Voice Application Designer.

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