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3CX Transforms Communications for Financial Firm

Customer service is particularly critical for financial institutions, as clients often need support with issues that have a major impact on their business or personal lives. Like consumers in any industry, they don’t like being treated as a number or being transferred multiple times without having their issue resolved. But because the stakes are particularly high in finance, customers may be even more demanding than they are in other industries.

Recently, 4finance, a leading provider of short term loans to more than 2 million customers in 12 twelve countries across Northern Europe, realized it could no longer rely on old-style telephone lines to accommodate its growing business communications needs as it expanded into new markets. With so many clients to serve, 4finance knew it needed a robust IP-PBX system that could be quickly and easily installed and offered a full suite of call centre features.

After surveying the marketplace and receiving a quote from 3CX Partner Complete Solutions, 4finance settled on 3CX Phone System Pro Edition as its choice for a new phone system. The solution was a perfect match for the financial company, as it offers features and functionality that made providing top-notch customer service significantly simpler. These features include:

  • Allowing customers to hang up and keep their position in the call queue and then automatically calling them back when they are at the top of the queue
  • Queue functionality such as: Round Robin, Longest Waiting, Least Talk Time, Fewest Answered
  • Instant notification when callers are queued beyond the set SLA time
  • Listen In & Whisper feature that allows supervisors to relate important information to agents during a customer interaction
  • Barge In feature that allows managers to assist service representatives and/or customers by joining a conversation already taking place

On top of the all the contact centre-specific features included in 3CX Phone System Pro, the product also offers all the features and functionality that come with the standard version 3CX Phone System, including unified communications features, mobile clients for both Android and iOS, and the ability to quickly scale capacity whenever necessary.

Another major advantage of the 3CX Phone System Pro is its flexibility in allowing companies to develop their own applications. For example, 4finance created a voice application using 3CX Voice Application Designer (VAD) to manage its outbound calls. With 3CX VAD organizations use a graphical interface—rather than having to write their own complex codes or scripts—meaning apps can be developed in a few hours rather than over the course of several weeks. The 3CX VAD was extremely useful for 4finance, as it allowed the company to more efficiently schedule its outbound calls, increasing employee productivity and ensuring the company keeps in close contact with its rapidly expanding customer base.

“3CX is the best price performance option,” said Kaspars Bergs, Infrastructure Department Manager at 4finance. “The phone system allows you to create almost any configuration you need, starting from a simple interactive voice response and ending with a complex system with customised call flows.”

After installing 3CX Phone System Pro, 4finance reaped the benefits of the wide array of features while actually significantly reducing its telecom costs. In other words, 4finance discovered that when it comes to phone systems, the smart money is always on 3CX.

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