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Don’t Let Winter Weather Halt Business Productivity

If the recent blizzard in the northeast U.S. taught us anything when it hit in late January, it’s that business productivity can come to a screeching halt when inclement weather strikes. In fact, analysts predict the storm cost the affected states anywhere from $500 million to up to $1 billion. And that number doesn’t even account for the millions of dollars lost from companies unable to conduct business that week due to stranded employees.

So how can business owners avoid decreased productivity from employees when winter weather strikes? For starters, they could cast an eye toward adopting softphone technology.

Winter shows no mercy for those who commute to and from work each day. When state officials are pushed to close down major roadways as well as public transportation, getting into the office is not an option. However, businesses boasting modern phone systems can sidestep productivity limitations caused by such weather.

Softphones allow the user to enjoy all the functionality of their office phone via the Internet. The software allows employees to take their office extensions wherever they go, receive voicemails, and direct calls within one interface. Suddenly, when a blizzard strikes, employees don’t need to trek out in the snow and risk the danger of driving in icy conditions to keep productivity at an all-time high.

With softphones increasing in popularity among organizations, many workers are experiencing relief when forced to stay home from the office due to the weather. Gone are the days of giving out our personal mobile phone numbers or worrying about missed voicemails on an office phone.

Businesses that use softphones offer their employees a sense of comfort beyond of the ability to work from home in a storm. Softphones do not require difficult learning or installation manuals in order to fully experience all of the benefits. Employees can even use their smartphones as their softphone vehicle. Since smartphones are the preferred mode of communication these days, this makes the integration of the softphone easy for any iPhone or Android user.

Is your business looking to bolster productivity—no matter the weather conditions outside? Have you started to go the softphone route? Let us know in the comments box below.

By |February 18th, 2015|Comments Off on Don’t Let Winter Weather Halt Business Productivity

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