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Keeping Up With the Rise of Mobile Working

Gone is the era in which employees sat at their desks 24/7/365. We are completely immersed in a mobile working world. In fact, 29 percent of the global workforce is now anytime, anywhere information workers, meaning they use three or more devices and work from multiple locations, according to recent research from Forrester. Whether they are traveling salespeople or remote workers at satellite offices, mobile employees can help a business drastically increase its reach.

But if traveling employees aren’t reachable to clients or colleagues in a pinch, they are not as valuable. For instance, if an important call comes into an employee’s legacy desk phone and that employee doesn’t get the message until hours later when he dials into the system, a major business opportunity might be lost. But with an IP-PBX system that allows employees to take their extensions with them when they travel, that call would ring on their mobile phone and be answered right away.

Additionally, with legacy wire-based telephony, making long-distance calls from a desk phone to a mobile number outside the office system is prohibitively expensive. Conversely, an IP-PBX phone system can help businesses avoid these pitfalls by putting all numbers on a single system and bypassing traditional carriers by sending calls over the Internet.

Software-based IP-PBX also makes all calls within the company system free, regardless of the geographical distance between participants. Other benefits of best-in-class IP telephony solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • The capability to see the presence of your colleagues from anywhere
  • Remote configurability via email
  • Easy conference calling
  • No additional licensing costs for softphones
  • “PUSH” notifications save mobile battery life

So, is your company looking to join the mobile and remote working revolution? Click here to learn more about 3CX’s unparalled Android and iOS VoIP clients.

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