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V15 Live Launch Event – Thank you for Joining Us

Thank you all so much for joining us at the v15 launch yesterday! After 9 months of hard work it was great to see such interest in v15 from our user community! This was a new way to launch our product and we would like to hear your feedback on our live presentation as well. We were not able to answer all questions whilst live, so we have taken the questions from the chat log and answered them in this post.

We have also noted that for some reason in the chat export, not all questions were exported. Feel free to post your questions in the comments below if you don’t see them listed. Please don’t re-ask the same question or questions that have already been answered as we are already struggling to answer all questions in the first place.


Q: Johannes Reinthaller – We are just a member partner. so we no all features anymore! how should we do a presentation in future?

> We don’t understand the question, please elaborate.

Q: jasonleehayes – Can users configure BLF via the softphone in V15. It is mad that an Administrator has to set them up via the console.

> It is in the road map to allow users to configure this themselves. This will form part of the STD or PRO edition

Q: SuperBewildered – Yealink T49?

> Yealink T49 does not support open standard video protocol VP8/VP9 and is therefore not compatible with 3CX

Q: HercCY – Can recordings be seen on a web page?

> There is a recordings page which allows you to search and play them.

Q: Jamie Fraser – On upgrading will all the phones re-provision with SSL to comply with new cert?

> All supported phones that are not end of life should automatically reprovision. An exact list will be published to our blog soon. Legacy phones do not support SSL certs and should be deployed according to the guides. For a full list of which phones can be provisioned using SSL check here. Phones that cannot provision using SSL are blocked from doing remote provisioning and can work in the Local LAN Only.

Q: lionel najar – OpenIP is there a big update for the version we have in the cloud ?

> The multi tenant edition of v15 will take a few more months to be available.

Q: Paul Kothe – Can we update the certificates and/or add/replace certificate without reinstalling the entire system?

>If you choose a 3CX FQDN, 3CX will renew the certificates automatically. If you choose your own FQDN, you have to handle the renew process yourself. If you installed 3CX using a 3CX FQDN you cannot put your own certificate after. You need to choose at installation time what path you want to make. So if you want to make any SSL changes after installation, you need to reinstall.

Q: John Boyle – From what I have seen there seems to be a lack of ability to view live calls and the trunk or call info in as simple as previously

> Yes, in SP1 we will have an active calls dialog / page

Q: Anthony Hudson – 1 Trunk multiple DDI’s?

> You can have unlimited DID’s DDI’s on a trunk. The limit is not a 3CX imposed limit but a limit from your SIP Trunk services provider.

Q: Manikandan chockalingam – H-tek 900 series supported with v15 ?

> This has only just been released but support will be added yes once firmwares have been certified.

Q: Marvin Lemmens – Will there be a version for a NAS? Such as Synology/Qnap?
> Interesting point. I suggest you post this on the ideas forum

Q: David UFONE – Oleg, you’d effectively be on the same network so no requirement for SBC

>The SBC is used to bridge two networks which are not directly routed networks. Disjoint networks. Example a small office in UK and your PBX in Germany without a VPN in between. This is a case when you would use the SBC.

Q: James Dubinsky Jr – Have you added 911 guaranteed dialing?

>You can use emergency number features. This gives you the guarantee that at all times, irrespective of whether you blocked outbound calls on any trunk or not, your call will get through. If there is no internet, you can have a backup PSTN Link.

Q: David Matty – Group Voicemail?

> Upvote and elaborate if need be.

Q: Dave Hall – Dave Affiliate. During a SNOM V15 phone firmware update a message appears on the display regards installing Let’s Encrypt options. What is happening?

>Snom have added the root certificate of Let’s Encrypt inside the firmware of their phones. Like this when the phone goes and asks for a provisioning file from 3CX and encounters a certificate on 3CX generated by CA Let’s Encrypt, it treats it as Trusted. (just like Microsoft does with Windows Certificate snapin where it adds the certificates of the major authorities inside windows to make your browser experience have no SSL Warnings)

Q: Fu Joe – Where is hotel module?

> The hotel module is going to be part of the PRO edition. Hotel module features will follow in SP1 or SP2. If you need all features you will have to keep deploying V14 for the moment.

Q: Manikandan chockalingam – Will hotel module include multiple tier of call costing ?

> I suggest you post this as a feature request on the ideas page

Q: Will Griffiths – Will there be a demo licence to evaluate the Pro features as in previous versions?

> No, the free PBX edition offers enough to evaluate 3CX

Q: Stephane Silver partner – CP860 when are we going to see it as supported phone?

> It’s going to be added to V15

Q: Andrew Walmsley – Will hotdesk ever be available on multi-tenant cloud version?

> Please post as a feature request

Q: asoa saeed – +hotel module with multiple tier of call costing

> I suggest you upvote the idea on the ideas forum (assuming Manikandam creates it)

Q: jasonleehayes – BLF, why can’t users configure their own?

> They will be able to, we just didn’t get round to it yet. For now create them in the management console and when the phone provisions it gets them. We will let people add their own.

Q: Eric Taylor – So, Need to confirm this. Is a new licence(s) when going from v14 to v15? Or is our v14 the same key to use in v15?

> Same key, important to use same key….

Q: Elie Abitbol – MCS – (3CS Partners) Can you talk about MacOS and iOS improvements, please ?

> The MACOS version will be updated to look more like the Windows version. As for the iOS version, it will remain the same version as for v14. It’s up to date with the latest iOS version.

Q: Anita van Heerden – 3CX certification: Will the certification be updated for v15 by next Monday too?

> No, if only it took just a few days to do that!

Q: Andreas Labrakis – Has Mac version been fixed for the BLF?

> We are adding BLF to the Mac version too yes

Q: John Boyle – From what I have seen there seems to be a lack of ability to view live calls and the trunk or call info in as simple as previously in the management console? Is this by design or am I doing wrong?

> We will add an active calls page in SP1

Q: Ken Lombardo – Any improvements in the Call Park/Hold functionality in v15?

> No, its the same and to our knowledge doesnt have issues. If you have a specific feature request please post it on the ideas forum

Q: virtNET – Is SBC available for the server side, for a multi-tenant server?

>The “other side” of the SBC is the tunnel, and works on a single port.

Q: jasonleehayes – Any plans for Synology (NAS Drives) version, there is currently an Asterisk®*version on Synology.

> Please create this as an idea on our ideas forum – be sure to search for duplicate first and if not upvote the existing one if its there

Q: Ryan deBoer – Windows 10 Mobile app?

> We have one already that will continue to work. Unfortunately Windows phone market share has dropped significantly and we have to focus our resources on what is really in demand. Windows Phone – judging by number of downloads – is not in demand at all.

Q: Nazim Rustam – Do you plan to bring functionality of OS X client close to Windows one?

> Yes we are working on this. Important to note that we will also work on a web based client.

Q: asoa saeed – +1 hotel module with multiple tier of call costing

> Please upvote on Ideas forum

Q: RIaan Lowe – Is SBC available for the server side, for a multi-tenant server?

> Well its instance has the tunnel as the service side to the SBC

Q: Matt Guttilla – Platinum partner! Music on hold any new features? like different on hold music for different groups?

> Please post on the ideas forum

Q: Sebastian Hauret – What will happen with SPLA licences? Do you plan to make changes?

>No it will remain the same…

Q: Don Annas – Gold Partner/TechSitters: Is it possible in multi-tenant to allow a tenant to manage DID routing without managing the SIP trunk and configured number of call paths.

> Yes. You can configure all the DIDs on a trunk. From that point onward, customers can assign DIDs to extensions or queues as they wish and edit if need be.

Q: rvdv82 – there are two topics about Group Voicemail in the Ideas-forum, if everyone can just upvote them there

> Yes please, upvote. Rvdv82, if you give me exact links for the features you are referring to I will post them here.

Q: Oleg Baghishvili – Is it SBC required if we have IPSEC or VPN connections up?

> No. If you have a correctly configured VPN there is no need for an SBC

Q: nick loenders – Can you put a document of recommended Nick, miniPC’s on the Blog?

> We are going to make a blog post soon about miniPC’s

Q: Tracy Ratz – Any changes to the fax server capabilities?

> No

Q: carlo ritter – What about skill based call distribution in a callcenter environment?

> You can already do skill based routing

Q: Domagoj Ručević – What happen with support for old Linsys SPA phones?

> These phone are very old. But you can still use them as legacy phones.

Q: Adam Flatau – Chat status and dialogue lockout with Out of Office for eg. Is it more intuitive and obvious that chat is “disabled”?

> Can you please post a feature request on the idea forum? I did not understand your request. However, we are going to work on improving our chat feature set so we will look for top requested ideas.

Q: Paul Kothe – Can we update the certificates and/or add/replace certificate without reinstalling the entire system?

> No. This is a major part of security of the system and locked to websites, encryption of traffic and so on. It definitely requires are install and makes sense for it to require it.

Q: Loc Down – Silver Level Partner: Has Audio Line In been added back to v15 Hosted?

> No, Audio line in doesn’t make sense in a hosted environment.

Q: johan steenwijk – Does the current v15 Release Candidate only support 2 SC (2 simultaneous outgoing calls), also if you have v14 SC4 Pro licence?

> No. You can use the free PBX Edition licence which goes up to 8 sim calls. If you have a 4 PRO licence, use that licence. Note that you can not change the licence key after the install. The certificates and subdomain chosen are linked to the licence key used. So evaluate using a free key if you wish first, choose a TEST domain and then move your production system once you are ready with your NFR/Commercial key and only then choose the domain you wish to have.

Q: Mike Lump – Matt Guttilla Platinum partner! Music on hold any new features? like different on hold music for different groups?

> Not at present but we will aim to provide more Music on Hold features in future versions. Please upvote the Music on hold idea on our ideas forum and elaborate there.

Q: jasonleehayes – If offices are connected via a Bridge, is it necessary to have both running on the same version, ie, can one being running V14 and one V15, it will allow one small office to go live with V15.

>No it is not necessary. You can have a bridge from v14 talking to a v15. You can have this also with Tunnelled bridges. V15 interoffice features are fully backward compatible with v14.

Q: Simon Tran – can we now randomise park music?

> No, please post this as a feature request as it does make sense.

Q: Erik Back – Erik Back, Silver Partner. Will it be possible to recalculate the cost reports?

> No, this can not be done as its calculate and stored in the database as the call is received.

Q: Everett Kildare – OPUS Codec

> For what reason do you need this?

Q: Paul Lukandwa – #Silver Partner – Can 3CX 15 now be synced with an On-Premise WebMeeting (WebRCT)?

> No, but we are moving towards much closer integration of Webmeeting and Phone System so expect developments in this area to be announced.

Q: Tony Cox – What is the upgrade cost from v14?

> Nothing if you have maintenance. Pricing is available here

Q: Alex Heylin – Use speed dial instead of BLF if security an issue?

> Please elaborate…..

Q: Michael Gallo – Silver Partner, any Shared Line Appearance (SLA)?

> We have similar functionality already. If you need more functionality, please post as a feature request on the ideas forum.

Q: Nazim Rustam – Gold Partner / iTech (Azerbaijan) – Are going to make OS X client functionality close to Windows one?

> Yes, its already quite close but we will work to make it closer in the coming months

Q: Jan Franke – Cloud PBX Manager V15?

> The cloud version of v15 will take another few more months, we can not give an exact release date at this point.

Q: nSymphony – Do we have to use NGINX? Or is IIS an option still?

> You must use NGINX. There is no benefit to using IIS

Q: Domagoj Ručević – Windows 10 Mobile app?

> There is little demand for the Windows Mobile App. Downloads are minimal compared to Android and iOS. At the same time Windows Mobile market share is decreasing rapidly. We are going to take a wait and see approach on this one. However the current one works with v15

Q: HondaofWinstonSalem – +1 for on-premise WebMeeting

> You mean MCU integration with 3CX Phone System?

Q: jasonleehayes – Will Queue’s ever have opening hours, we have an internal Service Desk and one issue is we can’t close the Queue out of office hours, we can do this for our external customers who connect in via VOIP

> Yes, its in the pipeline, we just haven’t come round to it yet. Expect to see it in a future service pack of v15

Q: Alessandro Coelli – warning, win 10 “home” reboot itself for update without user control.. you have to remember to stop windows update service ;-)

> Good point!

Q: Edmund Davis – Are there any plans to improve the PBX address book so that it can sync or query data direct from SQL / CRM data?

> The PRO edition already has this feature via ODBC. That said this is an area where we will look to add more integrations.

Q: James Pelletier – When will the Cloud Version be upgraded to V15?

> We will need a few months for sure, we can’t give an exact date at this point.

Q: Chris Needler – When does the iOS app come out and does v14 app still work with v15?

> The iOS app works with both v14 and v15 and its been done like this to ease the upgrade path.

Q: bhavankpatel – Any word on 3CX Cloud PBX??

> We will need a few months for sure, we cant give an exact date at this point.

Q: John Boyle – Silver Partner, Alltech IT From what I have seen there seems to be a lack of ability to view live calls and the trunk or call info in as simple as previously in the management console? What am I missing?

> A new Active Calls page will be present in SP1

Q: Zaher Al-Ghorani – Any plans about feature in V14 I think (Click to Call), that can we put a clickable bottom in any website and visitors can click on it and talk with call center?

> It’s already in v14 and in v15 it now includes video conference. Yes we are planning to expand this feature tremendously.

Q: Michael Evanisko – Yes i’m also curious will version 15 support the cloud edition at some point?

> Yes, it will it will just require a few more months

Q: Ruchel Oosthuizen – 3CX African Distributor – For how long is the free PBX Version valid for? And what happens if you don’t renew the MA, could you still use the key?

> It’s valid indefinitely. However, you need to provide correct registration details for the first year free maintenance, after that you have to pay for maintenance. Without maintenance, you will no longer have your FQDN, your certificate, updates to firmwares, new features and so on.

Q: hovig derderian – Cloud PBX Manager V15?

> Yes, it will it will just require a few more months

Q: Host Geek – Would be great to hear about music on hold for different groups

> Please upvote the idea on the ideas forum

Q: stab2030 – New Distributor When in the queue can you play the approximate waiting time?

> Please post this in the ideas forum

Q: Domagoj Ručević – What shall we do with old Linsys phone still working????

> They work as legacy phones, but quite frankly time to replace them, they are at least 5 years old and there have been no firmware updates and any security issues will not be fixed by Linksys.

Q: nick loenders – would be great to use mp3 as MOH

> Yes but it requires more processing power server side.

Q: Diego Mazza – Certification program?

> No changes there, will be updated for v15 in time.

Q: Ryan deBoer – Can you please comment about a Windows 10 Mobile App Update for v15?

> There is little demand for the Windows Mobile App. Downloads are minimal compared to Android and iOS. At the same time Windows Mobile market share is decreasing rapidly. We are going to take a wait and see approach on this one.

Q: Alejandro Apan – Neocenter, Alejandro Apan, Mexico Distributor, how many servers can be “joined” with many 3CX Pro

> Depends on the specs but 50-100 is possible absolutely.

Q: jasonleehayes – Any update on how Bridges work. Can a ext on a bridge be added to a Q for example. Shared address book?

> Yes you can already do that quite frankly

Q: gezin ter neuzen – How about 3cx phone for mac … is CTI supported ?

> Not at present but will be considered. Please upvote the idea on the ideas forum.

Q: Joiner Davila – it is possible to trace a call online with 3cx?

> These features will come back in an Active Calls screen in SP1

Q1: SuperBewildered – Any plans to be able to push contact info (Pictures, notes, etc) to T46, T48 phones

> No, not at present. Please post it as a feature request in the ideas forum.

Q: Oleg Baghishvili- Any Plans about Skill Based Routing?

> We already have skill based routing by setting priority of agents. That said, we are looking to develop advanced call center / skill based routing features as part of the new Enterprise Edition.

Q: nick loenders – anyone know which wintel pro box is te best? I also wonder about the performance of the Wintel? recommended cpu used to be 3.2Ghz, a wintel does not have a cpu with 3.2Ghz I guess? but Intel Atom x5-Z8300 (2 M Cache, tot 1.84 GHz); Nicolas Paras used to say: stay away from the Atom ?

>Please await our blog post on this device. We have tested several devices, ranging between $60 to $120 which have between 2 GIG and 4 GIG memory – with Windows – and perform amazingly well.

From our Twitter Account:

Q: Is there going to be an update to the Windows 10 Mobile app for v15?

> There is very  little demand for the Windows Mobile App. Downloads are minimal compared to Android and iOS. At the same time Windows Mobile market share is decreasing rapidly. We are going to take a wait and see approach on this one. However the current one works with v15

Q: Wait.. So if I have current PRO system, will I get the hotel module for free after the upgrade?

> Yes

Q: The new version 15 is compatible with Mediatrix Gateway BRI 4402?

> We have no interop agreement in place with Mediatrix and no plans for one.

Q: MCS – 3CX Partners : Can we expect improvements in the Apple (both MacOS and iOS) versions coming along with the new 3CX V15 ?

> The iOS client is being continuously updated. We will soon be improving the MacOS client as well. I use MacOS myself :)

Q: In V15, the API disappeared, is it back again in V15, to make easy in crm the click to call a customer?.

>The API did not disappear, we have expanded it and will be announcing more information soon about how easy it is to make click to call for any CRM.

Q: Is Version 14 end of life? What is support plan for older versions?

> Version 14 remains fully supported for at least another year. However, there will be no new features for v14, just critical security updates if required. V12.5 becomes End of Life by the end of the year and will no longer be supported. Other versions are already end of life and unsupported.

Q: Will you guys support iOS 10’s VOIP API?
> Definitely – We always track what features iOS adds and use them if possible and useful. Just like we added the ability to answer a call from the lock screen or as we used the VoIP feature to save battery life.

Multi Line TAPI

We saw a number of questions in regards to multi line TAPI. Multi line TAPI is an old approach, not officially supported on Windows Server. We would like to ask that you give us the applications that require multi line TAPI as its easier for us to develop and easier for the user to deploy a CRM integration developed for those top 3 applications.


We saw a number of requests for CRM applications. We encourage users to develop their own, we can not support all CRM applications. However, you can post it as an idea on the forum. That allows us to consider supporting the CRM application ourselves.

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