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3CX Gateway for Skype 2.0 – Beta released!

Note: No longer available

Recently we released a ‘prototype’ of a Skype Gateway – 3CX Gateway for Skype 1.0 which was based on an open source component. This allowed you to make and receive calls to Skype users. Using Skype you can allow customers to call you at no charge, and you can also leverage Skype clients on popular mobile platforms (Windows Mobile and Iphone).

However, we have been busy on building our own Skype Gateway. We wanted to make it easier to install, more performant and also develop a platform on which we can easily add features in the future.

So, 3CX Gateway for Skype 2.0 was developed – it’s all in pure C++ code now – so its very fast and efficient – and it can easily handle 20 simultaneous calls or more. Currently, 3CX Gateway for Skype 2.0 will not run on a Domain Controller.

It also supports the use of a master account, so that you can transfer calls from the master account to other accounts as the calls come in. This allows you to keep a single Skype ID as a main number without it giving a busy tone. We have also given it a better looking interface as you can see in the screenshot below.

A nice feature is that the Skype gateway can run on the same machine, eliminating the need for a separate box. Compare that to a Linux based appliance where you will need a separate box or machine to run the Skype gateway!

You can try out the beta here – comments welcome! Configuration guide is here

3CX Gateway for Skype

3CX Gateway for Skype

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