New and Improved 3CX Phone System 12 Beta Build

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest 3CX Phone System v12 Beta build 30899.165.

New Features and Changes in 3CX Phone System 12 30899.165

  • Improved DNS resolution for VoIP Providers that use SRV records
  • Updated 3CX Phone System Secure SIP / TLS implementation.
  • Added HTTPS for Abyss Web Server 64 bit only (full 3CX Phone System Uninstall and re-install is required)
  • Fixed issues within 3CXPhone for Windows
  • Added company name to the Phone book
  • Added a new option in Phones Page – Force Reprovision. This will reset and reprovision IP Phones
  • Fixed bug in outbound rules
  • Added chat support for 3CX Phone for Android
  • Added Conference support for 3CX Phone for Android

To download this update, simply log in to the 3CX Windows Management Console from Start > All Programs > 3CX Phone System > Windows Management Console and navigate to the 3CX Phone System Updates node > 3CX Service Packs / Updates.


  • Download 3CX Phone System Version 12 Beta from
  • Download 3CXPhone for Windows from
  • Demo Key: SAOY-3LMW-U3OT-GLJV
  • Check out the new 3CX Phone System 12 User Manual (PDF)
  • Give us your feedback and comments in the 3CX Forums and on our Facebook Page.