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3CX Supported VoIP Providers

To ensure a high quality VoIP phone system, we strongly recommend using a supported SIP Trunk service provider with your 3CX PBX. 3CX’s Unified Communications technology is developed to be simple and flexible to ensure ease of use and management. That is why the 3CX team makes sure that all templates from listed SIP Trunk Providers are updated and tested with every release ensuring no issues arise for our users. Whether you are a small business or an enterprise customer, select your country from the list below to find a SIP Trunk provider that fits your needs. Each works closely with 3CX to provide high-quality customer service that compliments the recognized customer support that 3CX is known for.


Asia Pacific

Europe / Middle East / Africa

Alternatively, there are also a number of 3rd-party supported SIP Trunk providers (uncertified) which can be found here along with information on how to add their template to the 3CX VoIP solution. These providers have pledged to support 3CX by providing you with a template to ensure interoperability. This means 3CX is able to remain one of the best VoIP PBX vendors on the market. It should be noted that these 3rd-party providers have not undergone an interoperability test by 3CX and we can not support you in the case of any issues with your phone service.

If you are a SIP Trunk provider and wish to become a 3CX Certified Interop Partner apply here.

For more information on what SIP Trunking is, the benefits and advice on how to choose the right SIP Trunk provider for you, visit our SIP Trunking Explained page.

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