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3CX Phone System v7 beta available!

After 2 alpha releases, the beta is now available. We are almost done :-) Here is what has been fixed & added:

Note: Close the management console BEFORE making a restore. After a restore you need to restart the application pool in IIS (Run Inetmgr, and restart 3CX application pool)

Fixed: My phone website not found after backup and restore from 6 to 7
Fixed: DID range creation and updating in Inbound rules page
Fixed: Firefox 3 browser is now able to upload files
Fixed: Bug in Append ring group/Queue name
Fixed: Incorrect notification in Http API for call recording
Fixed: Problem with using external numbers in Ring Groups
Fixed: Paths for IVR and Prompts after a restore from Version 6
Fixed: You can add DID’s with 3 digits using masks
Fixed: Generic Trunks set not to register would register anyway
Fixed: Bug in Specific and Out of Specific Hours
Fixed: Bug in Restart All services
Fixed: Download and selection of prompts from the systems prompts.
Fixed: Session ID was being shared between the Myphone and Management console

Added: Implemented checking for Configuration service port 5485
Added: Ability to change port of configuration server from ini file
Added: New section – Global options
Added: Ability to append Call Queue or Ring Group name after caller ID
Added: Re-arranged Admin Credential Page
Added: source identification by DID
Added: mask matching for DID’s (exact, start and end)
Added: source identification for gateways in ‘to’ field by default
Added: Generate support info in Backup and restore tool and in Help interface.
Added: changes to Phone functionality in templates

Removed: DID importing from Version 6 to 7. These need to be recreated

Looking forward to your feedback! Please use the special beta forums here

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