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3CX Phone System v7 Release Candidate 2

This should be the final release candidate! Here is what we fixed and added compared to RC 1:

Added: Provisioning of Linksys phones via option 66
Added: Provisioning of Polycom phones
Added: Ability to clear server status log
Added: Moved IVR to separate port for IIS installs on Windows 2003/2008/Vista
Added: Email notification text can now be configured from the interface
Added: Configuration file for Audiocodes gateways MP114, MP114 2fxo 2 fxs can now be created
Added: Aastra is provisioned with Back light going off to save energy
Fixed: Improvements to tunnel – default port 5080 is now used for external extensions
Fixed: Spelling mistakes in the interface
Fixed: Myphone now uses extension number and voicemail PIN for authentication
Fixed: Bridge now uses authentication ID rather then virtual extension number for validation
Fixed: Problems with provisioning when using IIS
Fixed: Installer would modify application pool of an already configured website
Fixed: Increased time out for establishing database connection for slow machines
Fixed: Many improvemenst to the restore process from V6.1
Fixed: Some options were not shown in the free edition
Fixed: Forwarding rules using specific office hours including holidays can be viewed.
Fixed: Pickup can allow any pickup and pickup by specifying extension number
Fixed: Sorting of DID’s – by numeric order and line they are associated with
Fixed: Faxes are no longer limited to 20 pages

Note: Bridge connections must be recreated

Before you do an install, you might want to ensure that all traces of earlier betas have been removed.

Looking forward to your feedback! Please use the special beta forums here

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