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3CX Phone System v7.0.4744

We have a new v7.0 available with quite a few fixes

NEW!! Ability to restore database immediately from the wizard
NEW!! Ability to Add a group of extensions to a Group and edit them in bulk
NEW!! Ability to EDIT extensions in bulk by selecting as many extensions as you want and click on EDIT EXTENSION.
Added exit argument (/exit) in Backup and Restore for scheduled tasks
Added DID name and DID name appending in the global options
Added changes to gateway/voip provider templates with modifications
Added h3 argument in call history updater by default v7
Added index in Snom Phonebook
Added improved validation in PBX setups that are 2,4 and 5 digits long and sip ID in myphone
Added better handling for removal in GAC
Added better representation of data when reloading in myphone
Added German translation
Added Greek translation
Added Portugese translation
Fixed loading of Performance Counter
Fixed loading of Firewall checker
Fixed bug in Wizard after a restore is performed – Now Stops after restore
Fixed IIS settings we’re altered during un-installation of 3CX Phone System
Fixed IVR and IVR transfers by extension in a PBX setup where number of digits is equal to 2, 4 and 5
Fixed Voicemail transfer and logon in a PBX setup where number of digits is equal to 2,4 and 5
Fixed operator extension not being saved
Fixed exchange (route print and destination not found problem)
Fixed devices.xml matching of substring only in user agent string for better phone recognition
Fixed HTTP MAKE CALL notification : in free version correct message is now shown
Fixed status in registration for Trunks Voip Providers
Fixed Voip trunk validation on password authentication ( no password is required )
Fixed Services Page/Restart All to syncronise depending on service state
Fixed Active calls page in destination updating, correct updating in transfers and call duration timing.
Fixed Tunnel connection setup problems
Fixed Aastra reebooting problem
Fixed bug in Holidays section and specific hours configuration
Fixed Restore issue when Configuration port is not default port
Fixed: Changed Linksys provisioning to 24 hours 86400 seconds
Download it here
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