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3CX Phone System V7.1 7139 released

An updated build has been released with some improvements and fixes.

Note on upgrading:

If you are uninstalling 3CX Phone System version v7.1 6589 and you make heavy use of the 3CX Tunnel Service, it may happen that the 3CX Phone System service will not stop in a timely fashion. To proceed with the installation open Task manager (right click on the task bar, Task Manager), right click on the 3CXPhoneSystem.exe process, and Click End Process. The installation will then proceed automatically as usual.

Change log:

  • Added: Template of – Polish provider
  • Added: Snom 820 template for provisioning
  • Added: Parameter to enable / disable VmAIL pin VMPINREQUIRED 1= ON , 0=OFF
  • Fixed: Improved logging notifications in PBX Logs
  • Fixed: Added a cache limit in Tunnel to reduce memory usage in larger environments
  • Fixed: Tunnel not starting when port is in use
  • Fixed: Stuck calls in call assistant server in particular situations
  • Fixed: Permissions in the viewing of extensions in different member groups has been improved
  • Fixed: Buffer UDP FAX Outgoing Faxes over Patton gateways ISDN 4960
  • Fixed: Control size of Fax Log file
  • Fixed: Parameter Table Validation for duplicate parameters
  • Fixed: Removed excessive Make call registrations  in server status log
  • Fixed: Call History Service handling of unterminated calls
  • Fixed: Call History Service handling of Call repostings file
  • Fixed: Backup and restore of Call logs for Netherlands entry (related to formatting of country name)
  • Fixed: Management Console: Stuck calls in Management console in Ringing State
  • Fixed: Management console translation file for SIP FIELD.
  • Fixed: Management console – removed unnecessary updates in active calls page
  • Fixed: Management console download link for PBX manual 7.1
  • Fixed: Voip Providers -> TCP transport for Broadvox
  • Fixed: Voip Providers Added parameter for Voip Providers remote party id : Calling party : user part == Caller Name
  • Fixed: Date and Time Conversion in Voicemail.
Download here
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