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3CX Version 9 Service Pack 4

3CX is pleased to announce service pack 4 for version 9. This update allows you to perform all IP phone management functions from within the 3CX Management Console.  This service pack is ready for download from the 3CX Winforms Management console / Service pack updates and will upgrade your 3CXPhone System V9 to build 14901. The update takes between 5-10 minutes once downloaded depending on the machine spec of your 3CX Phone System server.

New IP Phone provisioning Features

A new IP Phone Provisioning node was added and the provisioning templates we’re greatly improved to provide better support for the IP Phone features.

Ability to upload new firmware to IP Phones

With SP4, it is now possible to update IP Phone firmware directly from within the 3CX Management Console. This will save the administrator a great deal of time, especially if using different phones in the network. To do this:

  1. Add the firmware you want to deploy in the IP Phone Provisioning > Firmware node.
  2. Now go to the Phones node and select the phones you want to upgrade the firmware of.
  3. Select ‘Upgrade Firmware’ and click OK to start the upgrade.
  4. The firmware will be uploaded the phone will be rebooted after the upgrade.

Ability to reboot/restart/resync IP Phones connected to 3CX Phone System

It is now possible to reboot, resync or restart any IP Phone in the network. This was possible in previous versions but required that the HTTP password was not set on the phone. This is no longer required as a different method is used.

Ability to set Time Zone and Daylight Savings settings from 3CX Management Console

It is now possible to specify these settings from the Phone Provisioning node, without requiring a parameter to be looked up for a particular phone or entered in the parameter table. Just select the appropriate time zone for each brand of phone that you use in the Phone Provisioning node. Specify Daylight Savings options in the same page. Note that these will be applied system wide.

Ability to set phone interface language from the 3CX Management Console

You can now set the phone language (LCD and Web interface) from the extension page, without requiring any changes to the template

Edit phone provisioning templates from the IP Phones node

If you wish to edit the phone provisioning templates to set particular preferences not included in the 3CX interface you can now do so from the Phone Provisioning > Templates tab.

Plug and Play functionality

Selected phones can be automatically detected by 3CX Phone System when they are connected to the network. In this case they will appear as ‘NEW’ in the phones node. You can then right-click on the phone to create a new extension or assign an existing extension to the phone. After this you can restart the phone for the settings to take effect. This Plug and Play functionality is currently available for 3CX Phone for Android, Iphone and Windows, Yealink, Tiptel and Snom phones.

Updating your 3CX Phone System 9 installation

Before you update to Service pack 4 please ensure:

  1. If you have modified Phone templates make sure you take a backup of these templates. If the modified templates were left with the same naming convention, these templates will be overwritten with the new templates.
  2. Upgrade to the latest service pack. A copy of all the previous application data files is saved in the “RollBack” folder located in C:\ProgramData\3CX\RollBack. Previous templates are also saved there.
  3. If you use Polycom phones – After the service pack is complete, it is important that you go in the Provisioning folder and delete all the provisioning files from there. We will generate the new provisioning files with the latest templates instead.
  4. For more information please click on the following links depending on which IP Phones you have connected to 3CX Phone System

Important: Secure the Provisioning directory on your Web server

It is important to ensure that the provisioning folder on your webserver is secured. On the Abyss Web server, the provisioning folder is secured by default using the inbuilt anti-hacking feature. On IIS, you can install the new “Dynamic IP Restrictions” feature in IIS (Only available for IIS 7 (Vista, Win7, Server2008)) or restrict the directory to the local area network. (for 2003, we recommend Abyss or use “IP Address and Domain name restrictions” option in IIS6).

  1. Download the “Dynamic IP Restrictions” feature in IIS7 from here. On the right hand side of Microsoft IIS extensions page click on “Install”. After the installation is complete, go to Start/Run and type inetmgr to open IIS Manager
  2. In the left hand side of the tree view, select server node if you want to configure server-wide settings or select “Default Web Site” node to configure site-specific settings.
  3. In the Features View click “Dynamic IP Restrictions”. We recommend the following configuration:

  • Enable IP Addresses based on number of concurrent requests and set the “Maximum number of concurrent requests” to 50
  • Enable the checkbox “Deny IP Addresses based on number of requests over a period of time” and set “Maximum number of requests” to 200
  • Set “Time period” (in seconds) to 20
  • Set “Deny for time period (in seconds)” to 60
  • Choose a “Deny Action” – or leave default – Send 403 (Forbidden)
  • Click Apply to save your settings.

  • Next step is to add the local IP to the list of Allowed Addresses. To do this right click and “Select Allow Entry”
  • Add the value in the “Specific IP Address” text box and press OK to save configuration.
  • Repeat the above procedure for all Local IP interfaces on your server. Example if your server has 2 interfaces and, add both these IP Addresses to the Allowed Addresses individually.

Change Log – 3CX Phone System Service Pack 4 Version 9.14846


  • Updated new Phone XML Templates for easier and faster configuration of your phones through provisioning
  • Added Phone Provisioning node which contains Editing of Phone Templates from within the Management console, Time Zone and Daylight savings time interface and Firmware upload section
  • Changing of language (LCD and Web) on phones
  • Firmware updating of phones
  • Timezone and DST interface per model
  • Voiptalk VoIP Provider UK
  • 3stars VoIP Provider Belgium


  • Mobile number saved correctly in Myphone portal
  • Ring my mobile simultaneously when line is unregistered, busy or unavailable
  • Issue in Queue manager when queue calls an extension with “ring my mobile simultaneously” causing the call to have 1 way audio or disconnect on answer
  • Bug in shared parking call after a transfer involving IVR and queues
  • Bug when call is parked and un-parked multiple times on same or different parking slots
  • Make call and call ext and mobile simultaneously bug causing call disconnect
  • Re-registration of VoIP providers when STUN resolved address has changed
  • Fixed Fax email sending when mail server is listening on non default port


  • 3CX Tunnel optimized to save bandwidth
  • Template and provisioning functions and re-generation of temlates
  • Added support to re-provision registered and provisioned phones in bulk generating latest template and forcing the phone to sync
  • Added ability to backup firmware folder contents in Backup and Restore
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