The 3CX ISO is here! Debian for 3CX – BETA

The 3CX ISO is here! Debian for 3CX - BETAAnd hot on the heels of our Linux edition is the beta of our very own ISO – Debian for 3CX. As the name implies this ISO is based on Debian, Debian ‘Jessie’ 8. We have tried to stick to the stock Debian distribution as much as possible. We have chosen the version without desktop as this will not be of use to you.

The main advantages of using Debian for 3CX over ‘stock’ Debian is that we automatically install 3CX for you and reduce the number of setup questions. Updates to 3CX AND to Debian are applied automatically on Sunday at 4 o’clock in the night.

You can download the ISO here.

Test the ISO using Virtualbox, or indeed any other virtualization software. Read how using this guide “Testing Debian for 3CX on Virtualbox