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This is a re post from the forum – last v6 build

Please note this is a re-post from the forum, this is NOT a new v6 build.

We will not be making anymore v6 builds, as we are looking to release v7 over the next few weeks. Therefore, the build 6.1.1793 is the latest and last available build of version 6. This is what had been fixed

# Intermediate call logs are now written to a text file, rather then to the database directly to improve database performance (Note an update to the call reporter utility will follow to export call log events to the call account database)
# Fixed memory leak in media server when processing a large number of simulteneous calls
# Fixed Postgress issue rising to 50% CPU usage
# Drastically improved performance in regards to processing of registrations
# Numerous performance improvements – the system is now up to 300% faster and more efficient
# Numerous stability improvements – the system has now been tested to be able to process in excess of 6000 calls PER HOUR
# Included a watchdog thread, which measures performance of each of the threads
# Warning: Using Ring Groups with the ‘Continue ringing’ option set is no longer supported. Use a Call Queue instead.
# Warning: After a phone system restart, Queues will re-register within 5 minutes.

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