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SP4 – More Features Plus Linux Edition is RC

3CX on Linux Release CandidateService Pack 4 is here in time for the holidays and it’s packed with new features and improvements. The V15 Linux edition is now a release candidate. We added a DECT / FXS provisioning feature that allows you to easily provision a DECT base station and assign handsets to individual extensions. Furthermore, a new reporting module and many fixes to the reports.

We have also closed the feature gap between Linux and Windows further by introducing fax, failover and the directory service to the Linux version.

You can apply these updates from the updates page in the management console

New Features

  • Easily provision DECT base stations with multiple extensions linked to a handset (Doc coming soon)
  • Login to customer portal from the management console
  • New Reporting module for Linux
  • Added Export call logs to CSV
  • Fine tuned failover procedure
  • Added Failover functionality to Linux edition
  • G729 support for clients
  • New IPv6 ready fax server for both Windows and Linux
  • Added bigger choice of domains for your 3CX FQDN
  • Added timezone and country selection in management console
  • Added Office 365 Directory Service to Linux – Allows for syncing of Office 365 contacts with 3CX
  • Increased security by adding call blocking to Satellite numbers
  • Provision a new 3CX PBX with Extensions, trunks and PBX settings via a setup template file. More information here.


  • Numerous stability fixes to 3CX V15 Linux edition – now it is a release candidate
  • Fixed bug Management console taking too long to start
  • Introduced Cache versioning in management console
  • Fixed bug in reporter where Queue Statistics / Agents and Performance overview did not match
  • Barged in calls in reports caused inaccurate call duration totals
  • Implemented rounding of call costs
  • Other call reporting inaccuracies fixed
  • Fixed bug where specified IP Address and port can now be specified in contact for SIP Trunks
  • Added country blocking to backup and restore

Download Links and Documentation

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