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Bolster Customer Service With Phone System and CRM Integration

Great customer service can achieve more for your brand than a national ad campaign and be a lot less expensive. According to a recent study by NewVoiceMedia, 69 percent of Americans would recommend a company to others after having a positive customer service experience. Before the Internet, each recommendation might have reached the ears of just three or four people, but now, with the popularity of social media, one customer could easily reach thousands of consumers.
So, rather than investing all of your business’s money into advertising, let your customers do the talking—only make sure they have something good to say. Here’s how the right phone system can help your employees achieve that goodwill, through optimal customer service.

Never Miss a Client Call

Sometimes work requires your employees to be away from their desks or outside of the office. Before IP-enabled phone systems, calls would be missed and potential business delayed or lost. Since most employees usually have a phone or computer with them these days, converting to an Internet-based phone system now will enable your employees to be available to your clients from any location. For example, you’re travelling, and potential client calls with questions only you can answer. Not a problem: Access voice telephone calls from anywhere with your computer enhanced with the a softphone feature.

Faster Response Time

One of the easiest ways to lose a client is with bad customer service. In fact, according to the same NewVoiceMedia research cited above, 44 percent of Americans say they’ll take their business elsewhere after a poor experience. The No. 1 reason? Feeling unappreciated. Keeping your client on hold for too long is an easy way to accomplish that. An advanced presence feature will help to prevent that from happening by giving you the ability to view the status of your colleagues no matter their location. With a digital VoIP system, you can keep your clients happy by avoiding unnecessary call transfers.

Integrate CRM With Your Existing Phone System

Another benefit of an IP PBX is that it can often be integrated with other productivity tools, like your CRM platform, e.g., Salesforce, Google Contacts. These CRM tools enable you to gather important data that can evaluate your employees and help to improve their performance. CRM analytics can collect information about your customers and turn it into useful data that your employees can use to optimize their customer service. The information could also help you discover potential growth opportunities for your business.
Leveraging your IP phone system with CRM tools is not only going to enhance your relationship with your customers, it will ultimately make your employees more productive and effective, while also contributing to the overall success of your company.

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