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Are Telecom Costs Burning a Hole in Your Wallet?

Your company may need to tighten its purse strings for 2016. With payrolls rising less than projected and the wage growth stagnated, according to a recent Labor Department report, consumers are expected to spend less money, leaving businesses more discriminating with how they spend theirs. This is an ideal time to clean house and toss out anything that could be eating away at your profits, and a good place to start is your phone system.

If your business still relies on a traditional legacy phone system, then you could be throwing good money out the window. Now may be the time, therefore, to consider adopting a software-based phone system. Here’s why:

Get More Bang for Your Buck

IP phone system software solutions provide more robust features for half the cost of a traditional phone system, including a range of unified communication features, such as softphones, presence and Web conferencing. Since software is coded and not built, IP PBX vendors have the ability to further develop their offerings to include new features and updates; in contrast, with your dated analog phone system, you’ll need to replace the entire server if you want to add new features. This could prove costly and time-consuming—eventually eating away at your business’s ability to compete.

Cut Long-Distance Bills

Software-based phone systems can help your company cut down on long-distance call fees and travel expenses. Today, businesses are expanding all over the country, so staying connected can prove to be an expensive ordeal with a traditional PBX. Through leveraging the benefits of VoIP providers (i.e., SIP trunking), IP phone systems can deliver significant savings in call costs. Now employees in disparate offices can easily communicate through a bridge connecting two separate software-based phone systems. This enables you to make calls between offices for free simply by utilizing your existing Internet connection. Also, calls routed through the Internet are considerably more cost-effective than those traveling on the backs of traditional carriers.

Slash Your Travel Budget

In today’s competitive environment, building strong, lasting relationships with customers, vendors and colleagues is more important than ever, and the best way to do this is via face-to-face interactions. If your office still depends on an antiquated PBX system for communication, then you’re probably racking up a lot of frequent flyer miles or wear and tear on your car. If you switch to a software-based system, you’ll no longer need to travel to maintain those relationships, thanks to the Web conferencing feature. By leveraging WebRTC technology, which enables video and voice communication to take place through an Internet browser, Web conferencing will allow you to conduct a meeting with your client 3,000 miles away without ever having to leave your office.

It’s easy to see why implementing a software-based phone system will help your business save money and perform more effectively. Then, you can focus your 2016 budget on more important considerations; like boosting sales and growing your business.

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