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As the leader of an expanding enterprise, your last concern should be the cost and labor involved with adding phone lines to your telephony system. But, with an influx of new hires scalability is crucial to the success of your developing business venture. Rather than adding even more hardwires to your legacy PSTN, consider the benefits of switching to an IP-PBX phone system.

An IP-PBX phone system allows its users to add phone lines via the internet, eliminating the need for physical wiring and the labor associated with installation and maintenance. “Will my employees need new phone extensions if I switch to IP-PBX?” you may ask. The answer is no. Seamlessly transfer your existing phone lines to the IP-PBX server while adding new lines simultaneously. Integrate new employees with the existing ones, over one wireless phone system and augment your company’s new workforce faster.

In the event that your business development expands across the country or over-seas, you can still seek comfort in the fact that your IP-PBX system will support this addition of branches. For instance, by adding a VoIP service provider your entire enterprise becomes available to you in one interface, whether you are in the same office or distanced across time zones. VoIP also cuts out long distance fees resulting in a huge boost in international connectivity.

Though, you may only be looking to only solve your scalability concerns, IP-PBX systems offer plenty of additional benefits- such as cost effectiveness and decreased maintenance- which are sure to ramp up your business productivity. Don’t let phone wiring fears halt your business goals. Your enterprise’s success shouldn’t hinge on your phone system’s capacity.

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