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What the Growth of UC in Australia Means for Your Business

It’s out with the old and in with the new for business phone systems around the globe. IP-PBX systems with UC capabilities and softphone technology are replacing legacy PSTN systems worldwide; in 2015, they are more ubiquitous than ever and will be even more so going forward. A recent study revealed that 88 percent of Australians use a softphone at least once a week and the country’s cloud communications market is set to reach AU$650 million in the next five years.

How will the enterprise communications market in Australia affect your business? Well, this exponential growth is spreading across the rest of the globe as well, and it’s best to upgrade now in order to get ahead of the curve to guarantee the global relevancy of your business’s technology.

Here’s why your business needs to keep up with global communication advancements:


If you’re a small business owner with a vision of worldwide expansion, before you can get your hands on any type of revenue influx, you’ll need a phone system that can support a global enterprise. IP-based phone systems offer scalability—such as bridges to connect remote offices over the Internet—that a legacy PSTN can’t offer.


If you don’t update your phone system’s capabilities by installing a robust UC system, your competitors are bound to be experiencing more-efficient communications if they’ve upgraded. This means they’re producing more results than your business because their employees are able to connect with each other in real time. Imagine the losses you could avoid by simply improving your communications strategy.


To be a global business leader, you’ll need to allot for travel time. Softphones allow for seamless communication between colleagues over a single interface. You can access this interface on your cell phone when you’re sitting in the airport, or working on your laptop when you’re in a hotel, for instance.

Take the UC boom in Australia as a forecast for the future, and prepare now to keep up with the market. Find out more about upgrading your phone system by clicking here!

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