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How Unified Are Your Communications?

Just because your organization uses Skype for corporate instant messaging and a different vendor to support messaging for remote workers doesn’t mean your methods are state-of-the-art or even integrated in the most seamless and efficient manner. Unified communications (UC) solutions, on the other hand, provide these same types of communications and collaboration tools, but over a single interface, rather than spread across multiple platforms and products.

An abundance of disparate communications applications could be subtly chipping away at your company’s productivity and bottom line. An integrated UC system that provides a robust set of features in a single interface will enhance communications and collaboration for small-business and enterprise-level communications alike. Let’s take a look at just some of the benefits of a UC system:


UC systems are designed to provide the most proficient operability for end users. Conversely, organizations that use a number of applications for sending messages or Web conferencing, for example, produce too many vendor-specific functions for employees to decipher and remain productive. A proper UC system only requires users to familiarize themselves with one interface, which is manageable from a main screen. Users can make calls, send messages and listen to missed voicemails in one location.

Cost Savings

A UC system is a cost-effective alternative to any business communications system with multiple components. Using more than one product for each mode of contact will start to burn a hole in your company’s wallet. With a UC solution, every method of communication—such as video conferencing and presence—is available in one product.

Eliminates Application Clutter

Does it take you upward of 15 minutes to get settled at your desk in the morning? This may be due to the time required to launch multiple applications implemented as a pseudo UC system. When you deploy a best-in-class UC system, your start-up time is noticeably shortened, as you have just one interface to open to access the same—if not more—communication tools.

Now’s the time to re-evaluate the unification of your business communication tools. Let us help you bring it all together with an upgrade.

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