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Solving Small Businesses’ Top Challenges With Unified Communications

According to the “2015 State of Small Business Report,” the top three challenges small businesses faced this year were growing revenue (45 percent), hiring new employees (42 percent) and increasing profit (37 percent). Implementing the right small-business phone system complete with unified communications (UC) features can help companies solve these problems more efficiently and cost effectively. Upgrading to a software-based, hosted PBX can assist your business in many ways and help you conquer commonly faced challenges.

A few ways UC and hosted PBX can solve your top challenges include:

Saving money

A hosted PBX for small business can help companies save money on both telecom costs and on-site maintenance fees. A hosted system costs less to implement, maintain, and scale than a hardware-based system because there is no expensive or complex infrastructure to install and maintain. A hosted system with UC features allows remote workers to make calls and connect via features like Web conferencing with no additional charges. Because the system is web-based, there’s no in-house maintenance for which results in much lower monthly bills, as well as lower fees associated with managing and maintaining the entire system. Lessened maintenance allows small business owners to focus on growing revenue in other areas of the business, as well as improving the bottom line through direct cost cutting for phone service.

Hiring top talent

The UC features of a hosted small-business phone system make attaining the right employees from around the world an easier task. UC features such as web conferencing enable managers to conduct virtual interviews and search for talent across the globe without incurring travel fees or productivity lulls. If the business does hire geographically diverse employees in its search for the best talent, the right small business phone system will enable them to work remotely. UC features are available at no additional cost and allow both on-site and off-site employees to collaborate and communicate effectively, furthering the reach of any small business and growing the talent pool beyond the confines of the local area.

Enabling scalability

A hosted PBX affords businesses with unlimited scalability so that a small business can focus on its growth without shelling out money on telecom costs every time it needs additional phone lines. As business needs change, UC features can be easily added to enhance communications between a greater number of employees, remote workers and partners. A traditional phone upgrade can be expensive, but with a hosted system you’ll receive only the functionality and lines you need for your small business and rest assured that your phone system will grow with you and scale easily without negatively affecting your bottom line.

Small businesses face many challenges, especially when it comes to choosing the right phone system. A hosted PBX with UC features can help solve a great deal of these communication quandaries.

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