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Why VoIP Is as Reliable as Traditional PSTN

Some businesses remain attached to their legacy PSTN phone systems despite the proven advantages of today’s Internet-based telephony, such as VoIP. For the most part, this tendency seems to stem from fear of losing phone service during an electrical outage once they switch to the public Internet. Indeed, a 2014 survey conducted by Software Advice, shows that 31 percent of business decision makers with PSTN connections in the U.S. said the PSTN continues to serve a purpose as an emergency backup measure in disaster scenarios.

But even businesses that place the highest priority on maintaining voice service reliability should no longer feel tied to their landlines, as VoIP systems designed to eliminate such reliability concerns already exist. This means, that in addition to gaining the known business benefits of a VoIP business phone system, worries about reliability are eradicated.

During an outage, here are several ways in which your connectivity can be ensured with a VoIP phone system:

  • Have your provider route calls to other phones (including mobile devices)
  • Invest in an on-premises IP PBX with backup PSTN connectivity
  • Explore uninterruptible power supplies, aka battery backup solutions
  • Use a backup or alternate Internet service provider
  • Establish a backup connection between your private telephone and Internet cable

By leveraging any of these methods, or a combination thereof, businesses can ensure their communications are as safe as they would otherwise be via the PSTN. With this concern put to rest, you can confidently deploy a VoIP phone system, and reap the following benefits:


Improve productivity with presence, desktop-based call control and extension management, among other features.


With VoIP systems, businesses can accommodate growth without adding new trunk lines.


Modern VoIP systems have much broader mobile functionality (e.g., take your office extension with you anywhere) than phone systems designed for the PSTN.

Cost Savings

With the SIP trunks used in VoIP systems, businesses avoid paying for unused capacity.

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