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Beronet: Redirecting an MSN number to a FAX machine / ISDN card

ISDN to Analog Terminal Adapter (TA33)The Beronet Berofix gateways/cards have a great feature that allows you to redirect an MSN number directly to an ISDN port. With this feature you can connect a traditional fax machine (with the help of an ISDN to Analog Terminal Adapter (TA33)) directly to the gateway, and dedicate an MSN number to go directly to the fax machine, effectively allowing faxes to bypass the VoIP environment. This means you do not need to purchase or configure an ATA for the fax machine.

You can also use this feature to connect an ISDN card, which are still used for old fashioned fax servers or data services. If we are connecting an ISDN card, you will not need to purchase an ISDN to Analog Terminal adapter.


Lets assume you have a Beronet Bero*fix 400 4SO card with Number-block: (0211) 123456 0-30.

Port 1-3 NTBAs are sent to the PBX.

On Port 4 we will connect a fax machine using a ISDN to Analog Terminal Adapter (TA 33) (to change the signal from ISDN to analog).  Let’ assume we want to forward MSN numbers 28-30 to Port 4 on the gateway and thus to the fax machine or ISDN card. This means that any calls to for example (0211) 123456 28, (0211) 123456 29 or (0211) 123456 30 will be sent straight to port 4 and thus the fax machine.

Berofix configuration


1. In the Bero*fix web interface, we create a new group and select Port 4.

2. Click on the ‘more link, select  “Bearer” and select “Audio_3_1k” to configure it for Fax (If you will use an ISDN phone select ‘Speech’ and “Digital Unrestricted” if you will use an ISDN card.  Now click ‘Save’


3. Now go to the hardware tab. Configure Port 4 for internal use. Select  “Type NT” and “Protocol PMP”

4. Now we will configure the Dial Plan. We will need 2 rules with direction ISDN to ISDN:

Rule 1: External –> Internal

This rule describes the forwarding from external to Port 4


  • In the Destination edit box we enter to what numbers this rule will apply. (.*)(XX|YY|ZZ) means: This applies to any number (.*) ending with XX, YY or ZZ (XX|YY|ZZ)
  • The \2 in ‘New Destination’ means that the value which was in (.*) must be deleted and replaced with only the numbers XX , YY or ZZ.

Rule 2: Internal –> External

This rule describes the forwarding from port 4 to outside

In this rule, all settings remain default.


5. Now move both rules in the dial plan to Position 1 and 2, and ‘Activate’ the new setting. The basic configuration is now done.
6. Now connect the fax machine to the ISDN to Analog Terminal Adapter (TA33) and connect it to port 4.

You are ready to receive faxes!

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