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Firmware Upgrade of snom IP phones

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Supported Models: snom D1, 3/D3, 7/D7, 8, PA1 and MeetingPoint series

Check/Validate Firmware Version

Upgrade Firmware

Supported Models: snom D1, 3/D3, 7/D7, 8, PA1 and MeetingPoint series

The following document will outline how to upgrade the firmware of a snom IP phone using the device’s own web interface. This step is required prior to the provisioning of the phone to ensure that the minimum requirements and features are implemented into the device's firmware. The minimum required firmware is specified in the main provisioning guides for snom D1 series, 3 series, 7 series, 8 series, PA1 and MeetingPoint.

Check/Validate Firmware Version

In order to check the firmware of your snom IP phone:

  1. Point your web browser to your phone’s IP address.
  2. Navigate to “Status >> System Information.”
  3. The “Firmware-Version:” indicates the device’s running firmware.

Upgrade Firmware

In order to manually upgrade your snom’s firmware:

  1. Visit our page with the latest Phone Firmware 
  2. Select the most recent firmware for you model and copy the firmware image URL address

  1. Point your web browser to your phone’s IP address.
  2. Navigate to Setup >> Software Update >> Manual Software Update.”
  3. Enter the firmware image URL and press “Load” to upgrade your Snom phone.


Some of the snom phones do not support https link, therefore modify the link to http.

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