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Run 3CX SBC (Session Border Controller) on a Raspberry PI

The 3CX SBC has the ability to run on a Raspberry Pi. Using a Raspberry Pi means that it is cheaper to run, and more reliable. Without the need of having a Windows PC running 24/7, the power consumption drops significantly as the Raspberry Pi consumes minimal power. The Raspberry Pi is not prone to usual problems associated with computers, such as a hard disk drive fail.

Bandwidth Saver

The 3CX SBC is intelligent enough to distinguish between local calls. For example, a remote office with 5-10 employees calling each other creates significant traffic on the 3CX Server. Now by using the 3CX SBC all audio traffic stays within the local network. This is a great bandwidth saver as only the signalling goes through the 3CX Server, whereas audio is served locally through the SBC.

Better Audio Quality

All audio packets are now directed through the 3CX Tunnel, eliminating jitters and ensuring better audio quality.

Eliminates Firewall Issues

Using the 3CX Tunnel only one port needs to remain open for calls to go through. This makes for a more secure configuration and it is also easier for administrators to setup, monitor, and maintain. No need to forward ports for each phone on the remote office.

Auto Provisioning

The ability to use Plug and Play auto provisioning through the 3CX SBC. All PnP multicasts are forwarded to the 3CX Server, and the administrator can auto-provision the phone from the 3CX Management Console. This makes it extremely easy for an administrator to auto-provision new phones, or make changes to existing configurations.

3CX Offers the 3CX SBC for Free

Proprietary SBC’s are expensive. 3CX offers the 3CX SBC for free to all 3CX Phone System users.

3CX SBC Installation and Configuration

To configure  the SBC on Raspberry PI, see: Installing 3CX Session Border Controller for Raspberry Pi

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