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Plug and Play your IP Phone with 3CX V15

What are the requirements to be able to Plug and Play your IP Phone with 3CX PBXThe ability to Plug and Play IP Phones offers many benefits – the main one being saving on IT admin time. I doubt there’s a single IT admin out there that would say they prefer to manually provision an IP Phone rather than use an IP Phone that has the ability to Plug an Play with your PBX.

There are, however, some requirements that need to be met before your 3CX PBX is able to answer PnP requests for provisioning purposes:

  • 3CX must run on SIP Port 5060
  • 3CX must be able to join the multicast group
  • The IP Phone and PBX must be in the same local LAN subnet
  • Switch must support MultiCast
  • Your IP Phone must support PnP provisioning

Each one of these requirements are explained in detail in a short article we have prepared for you. Read more.

By |August 9th, 2016|Comments Off on Plug and Play your IP Phone with 3CX V15

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