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Upgrading to newer versions when using Custom/International Promptsets

This information is relevant for installations that that are NOT using the default US prompt set. Customers that do not use the default US prompt set need to take additional steps when performing an upgrade. This is because version 8 has additional features that require additional prompts. After you have performed the restore, you must go to the updates page and download the prompt set in your language. After it has downloaded you can switch to this prompt set from the System prompts page.

If your language is not listed, or you use a custom prompt set then must record the new prompts required by version 8. Until you do this, the default US prompts will be used (for the new ones). To do this:

  1. Go to System prompts page in the management console
  2. Switch to your custom prompt set
  3. Now for the prompts below, specify the path to the prompts you have recorded and upload
  4. Re-record the prompts listed below
1 PBACKMNU.wav Press zero for next message, Press One for previous message, Press two to repeat current message, Press three to delete current message, press four to Call back, press five to forward to another voicemail, Press nine for options, To exit press pound.
2 Destnot_found.wav Called number does not exist
3 forbidden_byadmin.wav Call forbidden by administrator
4 destnot_available.wav Destination is not available, not registered or there are no routes available
5 terminated_noanswer.wav No answer – Call will be ended
6 destination_isbusy.wav The number you are trying to reach is busy – Please try later
7 internal_servererror.wav The call could not be established. Contact administrator
8 calldisabled_fwrule.wav End destination cannot be reached – Contact administrator
9 calldisabled_inrule.wav Call is not allowed by system – Contact administrator
10 fwexternalnumber_nooutbound.wav No Outbound lines were available for this call
11 licence_limit.wav Licence limit – number of allowed calls has been reached. Contact administrator.
12 feature_notavailable.wav Feature not available in the 3CX Free Edition. Contact administrator.
13 noavailable_queueagents.wav There are no available agents in the queue at this moment
14 away_on.wav Do not disturb On
15 away_off.wav Do not disturb Off
16 logged_inqueue.wav This extension is logged into the queue
17 logged_outqueue.wav This extension is logged out of queue
18 redir_vmail.wav Redirecting to voice mail
19 uhavecall.wav You have a call from
20 totakecall.wav Press one to take call
21 tosend_tovmail.wav Press pound to send to voice mail
22 plswait_locate.wav Please wait while we locate
23 user_unavail.wav User unavailable
24 AccountBlocked.wav Account temporarily blocked
25 MsgForwarded.wav Message Forwarded
26 NoMsgToForward.wav No Messages to forward
27 PlsEnterExtFwdVM.wav Please enter extension to forward voicemail
28 PlsTryLater.wav Please try later
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