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Configuring 3CX Integration with

If you are using 3CX Phone System 10, please visit the Salesforce CRM integration article, which can be foundhere.


3CX Assistant CRM Integration allows users to automatically dial contacts simply by clicking “Call this contact”. The call will be triggered and setup to the users desktop phone WITHOUT having to actually dial the number on the phone. This saves users a great deal of time.

Configuring outbound calls via Salesforce

3CX Assistant CRM Integration automatically creates custom fields in your database when a user with administration privileges is configured to use the application.

Each created field allows you to easily dial to a different number of a contact or lead. The list of fields automatically created follows:

In the Contact table

  • Call assistant phone via 3CX
  • Call fax via 3CX
  • Call home phone via 3CX
  • Call mobile phone via 3CX
  • Call other phone via 3CX
  • Call phone via 3CX

In the Lead table

  • Call fax via 3CX
  • Call mobile phone via 3CX
  • Call phone via 3CX

These fields are hidden by default. In order to view them in the Contacts or Leads page, you need to logon to and change the field accessibility. To do this:

1. Navigate to “Setup” > “App Setup” > “Customize” > “Contacts” > “Fields” in the Salesforce web account.

2. At the bottom of that page you will find the custom fields created.

3. Click on the custom field that you want to make visible, for example “Call mobile phone via 3CX”.

4. Press the “View Field Accessibility” button on the upper right side of the screen.

5. Click on the “Hidden” label on the right of “Standard User”.

6. Check the “Visible” option in the “Contact Layout” row, and press the “Save” button to finish.

7. Repeat the same procedure for every field that you want to view in the Contact page.

8. Repeat the same procedure for Leads, going to “Setup” > “App Setup” > “Customize” > “Leads” > “Fields”.

Launching Calls

Once you changed the visibility attributes of the created custom fields, you are able to launch calls directly from the web interface. The Contacts page should look like the following:

Now, clicking on the link “Click here to call this contact with 3CX (Phone)” will launch a call to the contact’s phone using 3CX Phone System and connect it to your extension via 3CX Make Call function.

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