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Find Out How You Can Save Money With a Welltech Gateway

Many companies have spent considerable amounts of money on installing a phone infrastructure to accommodate their now outdated PBX.  So, when the need for them to upgrade their PBX arises they really don’t want to spend more on changing their infrastructure. There’s actually no need to! By making a transition to 3CX Phone System it is really quite simple and very cost effective, by using affordable hardware like the Welltech – WellGate 2424S 24-Line FXS Sip IP Gateway.

It basically allows you to use your existing analogue wiring and phones with 3CX Phone System, without the need to completely re-furnish your handsets. The Welltech can connect 24 sets of analog telephones and allow you to make or receive VoIP calls over the internet, through a service provider, use your existing hardwired telephone service provider, or both.

WellGate 2424S can be configured with 3CX Phone System to use all the functionality, even though using analogue phones and wiring, for instance,

  • Selecting lowest cost routing from your configured providers.
  • Outgoing call routes, priority hunting support.
  • Cyclic or simultaneously ring – select which SIP trunk to use.
  • Receive T.38 FAX messages
  • Stack Welltech gateways together and connect an unlimited amount of extensions.
  • And Much more….

This Welltech gateway is especially useful in a hotel environment, where telephone cabling has been installed in every room and would be very difficult to install any new cabling. You could easily deploy WellGate 2424s gateways  for each floor and use the existing cabling and telephone handsets to cut your phone bill in half and achieve a whole new telephony and management infrastructure with 3CX Phone System Hotel PBX Edition.

There are many more great features to this low cost, powerful and easy to manage integration solution which will make transitioning from your outdated and expensive PBX to 3CX Phone System a very graceful experience.

Check out the complete Configuration Guide Lists  for a more detailed description.



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