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New 3CX Recorded Webinars – 3CX WebMeeting

We’ve recently, been holding a series of online trainings, using the new 3CX WebMeeting platform. It’s only natural that we also host an online training about the 3CX WebMeeting platform itself.

As promised, we are publishing the recorded webinars on our website for those who couldn’t make it to the live one:

In the webinar, we explain what a webconference is and how it can be used to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, associates and customers. We introduce you to the platform’s client software and the WebRTC platform, where you can host a web meeting over a browser with no software installations required. We explain the requirements needed to run a web meeting and explain the different levels of participants as well as the procedure required to enable web meeting accounts in 3CX Phone System and the bandwidth managing features.

The Client-Server architecture is also explained, to show the benefits of hosting multiple participants in the meeting.

On a less technical note, we go over some factors which can increase the meeting quality and experience, for example lighting, clothing and the audio/video equipment you are using which is as equally important as bandwidth and infrastructure.

These online trainings are part of the revamped 3CX Academy where online trainings are held in an interactive and educational way using our very own, recently launched, 3CX WebMeeting.

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