Nonprofit’s Communications Back To Health after 3CX

LONDON, UK, 23 NOVEMBER, 20153CX, developer of next generation software based PBX 3CX Phone System announces that ASSAD-HAD, a non-profit organization situated in France, has successfully deployed 3CX Phone System. ASSAD-HAD was desperate to find a solution which would replace their Alcatel / Ericsson and would be easy to manage, not-time consuming and reduce their telco costs.

Old PBX Needs Retirement

As the previous phone system, a combination of Alcatel and Ericsson grew older ASSAD-HAD required a new PBX that would bring the organization’s communications into the new world. They were exceptionally keen on moving away from their traditional PBX in order to move to a more advanced and cost effective VoIP based PBX. Looking at many Asterisk and Centrex solutions as well as carefully analysing the market ASSAD-HAD finally decided to move forward with 3CX Phone System. ASSAD-HAD’s IT department was convinced 3CX was the best solution and easily sold the forward-thinking, innovative PBX to the CFO and CEO. The level of quality, versatility, reliability,ease of use and cost effectiveness were all deciding factors for the non-profit. ASSAD-HAD has a total of 140 phones, connected to 120 lines running through a Patton gateway.

Cousteix Lionel, CTO, ASSAD-HAD said:
« 3CX has granted the non-profit organization ASSAD-HAD an easy and fast deployment. The management is centralized in our Headquarters and this allows us to manage remote locations directly through our MPLS. On a daily basis, 3CX offers us advanced features that some competitors usually sell as extra as well as huge flexibility to evolve our telephony in order to meet ASSAD-HAD’s growth. For our IT department, the maintenance and costs of our PBX have reduced dramatically.»

Read the complete case study to find out how ASSAD-HAD has reduced their management time and cut their telco costs.

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