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3CX Cloud Server Release Candidate 2

Cloud Server is no longer available for download. You can take advantage of the PBX Express.

We’ve been working around the clock and are happy to announce that 3CX Cloud Server Release Candidate 2 is ready! We are one step nearer to the official release of 3CX Cloud Server which replaces the old Multi Tenant edition of 3CX Phone System 11. 3CX Cloud Server allows 3CX Partners to host 3CX Phone System as a hosted PBX for their customers. In RC2 we have made the following improvements:

New Features

  • Increased number of tenants to 50
  • Backup and restore can be triggered via command line switches
  • Uninstalling a tenant does not stop or disrupt the voice from the other tenants
  • Added ability to control intervals for NAT. Keeps alive used for unstable network connections where the firewall does not keep it’s NAT Port Mappings open
  • Tenants can be updated to the latest service pack at any time


  • Parking and unparking calls to or from 3CX Shared Parking Places using snom phones behind SBC fixed
  • Cisco SPA Phones required 2 Re-Provision Attempts to update
  • Fixed bug in creation of Shared Parking Places extensions
  • Added filter by name and last name in Extensions Page
  • Call logs are now sorted correctly in “Outbound Calls by Type” Report
  • Missed calls notification from Bridged 3CX fixed
  • 3CXPhone for Windows connects and shows presence information from Cloud 3CX Phone Systems
  • “Agent Login History” report now shows the call logs of the current day
  • Added queue name and number to Agent Login History report
  • External queue agent mobile numbers are correctly updated when a change is made
  • Improved 3CX Backup and Restore for Cloud Server installations

3CX Session Border Controller: An update for both Raspberry Pi and Windows 3CX SBC is available.


  • Extensions connected via SBC do not unregister any more.
  • Improved audio quality for phones connected behind a 3CX SBC
  • Fixed 1 way audio issue
  • Added improvements to voice calls using SRTP
  • Tunnel Password cannot contain the following characters – # or “
  • Fixed 1 way audio in Blind and Attended transfers when phones behind an SBC were involved in the call
  • PNP requests are now cleared when a phone is configured via SBC

Change Log/Build History

You can see a complete list of changes by clicking on the following links:
3CX Phone System Cloud Server
3CX Session Border Controller

Upgrading 3CX Phone System Cloud Server

To upgrade from any previous Multitenant or 3CX Cloud Server to the latest version you would need to perform the following steps:

  1. Take a complete backup of all the installed tenants.
  2. Uninstall all tenants one by one. Remove tenant 1 last.
  3. Download and install 3CX Phone System Cloud Server. Install all the tenants that you had before.
  4. Use the 3CX Cloud Restore procedure to restore all your tenant backups at once.


You can download 3CX Cloud Server. Read the Installation and Configuration manual here.
Download 3CX Session Border Controller for Windows.
3CX Session Border Controller for Raspberry Pi should be downloaded via the repository using apt-get. For more details consult the manual.



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