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3CX Hotel Module Update

Hotel Module is no longer available for download. It is integrated with the updated PRO version. To download go here

We are pleased to announce the release of an update of 3CX Hotel Module. This update of 3CX Hotel Module is designed to work seamlessly with 3CX Phone System 12, Service Pack 6. 3CX Hotel Module, is an add-on for 3CX Phone System. Once installed, it turns a standard 3CX Phone System install into a fully featured Hospitality PBX.

New Features:

  • Wake up calls are now available in any licence, and can be scheduled from the Wake Up Service Extension Digital receptionist or from the Hotel Module Management Web Interface
  • If a wake up call is not answered by the guest, the call can be forwarded to the receptionist. An email notification is also sent to the receptionist’s email address.
  • The Wake Up Service Extension is now easier to configure and can be set up from the Hotel Web Interface directly.
  • Wake up calls have also been improved and a log has been created showing wake up calls per room, answered or unanswered calls and a filter by date.


  • Updated to be compatible with 3CX Phone System 12, Service Pack 6
  • Numerous web interface fixes
  • Faster web interface
  • Organized “Configuration” Page settings

How to install:

  1. Wake up calls have been changed completely and old wake up digital receptionist made from older versions of the 3CX Hotel Module will not contain the new features. If you have wake up service extensions in your current 3CX Setup, take a note of the Digital Receptionist Extension Number and voice prompt used and delete it from the 3CX Management console.
  2. Install the latest 3CX Hotel Module
  3. Re-create the Wake up Service extension using the same Extension number you had before.
  4. Download the 3CX Hotel Module.
  5. View the manual here
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