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3CX Phone System 7.1 Beta 1

The top 3 features are:

3CX Assistant – This utility is installed on the users desktop and allows users complete call control, as well as extensive presence and queue information. 3CX assistant works in tandem with a software or hardware IP phone, or even an analog phone (using ATA or FXS Gateway) and gives users the ability to pick up, divert, transfer and park calls with a mouse click. Drag and drop is also supported.

Inbuilt reporter – the separate call reporting utility has been replaced by an inbuilt call reporter with extensive reports, including new Call Queueing reports

CDR service – A separate service can now output CDR (Call Data Records) of calls in real time. It can output to a text file or to TCP (Hostname and port) and the format can be configured.

In addition, we drastically improved the security of 3CX Phone System. 3CX Phone System 7.0 was independently audited by SIP security experts and the findings of the audit were implemented in 7.1.

Installation was greatly improved as well, support was added for UAC, we adapted the install to follow Windows Server 2008 guidelines and IIS installation was made more robust.

The complete change log:

New Features added

  • 3CX Assistant – a utility that can be run on a Windows Desktop that offers users advanced Call control, presence information and Queue status.
  • Inbuilt Call reporter with new Call Queue reports
  • CDR records can be outputted to a text file or via TCP to a host.
  • Ability to add cost information based on destination number
  • Installation is now UAC compliant
  • Support for installation on Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 & 2008
  • Installation has been improved by simplifying IIS configuration
  • Installation is now Windows Server 2008 guide line compliant
  • Default Security of installation has been greatly improved
  • Gateway template for Patton 4112
  • Support for Voxitas and Engin VoIP Providers
  • Polycom Phonebook Generation
  • Chinese, Polish and Portuguese interface
  • Polish Prompt set
  • Getting started page at end of wizard
  • SMTP servers with non standard ports are now supported
  • Bridges can be identified by host name (Tunnel support in the next version)
  • Custom Parameters page to allow easy editing of advanced options
  • Ability to specify Public IP and disable STUN
  • Call history Service that outputs customizable CDR records
  • Call logging database can now be updated automatically without requiring import
  • Restore can now be done directly from the Install Wizard
  • Voice Mail now confirms Greeting and Self ID prompts to user before saving them
  • Ability to Group Extensions
  • Management Group that is able to see call info of all extensions
  • Performance improvements to Active calls page – now handles up to 128 simultaneous calls using Firefox
  • Ability for the fax service to register on non default SIP port
  • Ability to mass edit extension settings
  • Nonce and expiry authentication in the PBX are now required for added security
  • Additional options are now available in the Parameter table: sip ping period, EXPIRATIONGRACEPERIOD, ALLOWUSEBUSYOPTFORGROUP, EXPIRATIONGRACEPERIOD


  • Fixed Voicemail Time Stamp
  • Fixed When Stun is disabled; the IP for an outgoing call is now displayed correctly
  • Fixed When STUN is disabled contact and SDP have the public IP correctly displayed.
  • Fixed: Restore will no longer overwrite existing parameter table entries
  • Fixed: IP and Host names are now correctly validated
  • Fixed: Server activity log was not being updated after restart of services from the service status page
  • Fixed: Adding VoIP providers for 5 digit extension installs:
  • Fixed: Some Audio prompts had too high volume.
  • Fixed: Continue ringing interval of 60 seconds could not be changed in forwarding rules
  • Fixed: Deleting of tunnel connections would properly remove all entries
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