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3CX Phone System 7.1 RC1

3CX Phone System v7.1 is nearing release – we have ironed out pretty much all remaining issues and we recommend this build. Here is the change log:
  • Added: Japanese Language files
  • Added: Gateway for the Linksys 3102 gateway with tone sets added for various countries
  • Added: New startup page for the Call Reporter
  • Added: Two additional reports – Call Statistics and Agent Statistics
  • Added: Call Assistant and Call History service to services page
  • Added: Better ring group validation
  • Added: Adjusted validation to allow entry of SKYPE addresses
  • Added: Management console will logout after 10 minutes of inactivity
  • Fixed: Transfers and Attended transfers to extensions on the same PBX or to extensions on the remote PBX through bridges and tunneled connections.
  • Fixed: RTP port leaks in Tunnel Functionality -RTP ports were being left open on the system.
  • Fixed: It is now possible to specify a hostname in the tunnel configuration.
  • Fixed: An exception could be shown when adding a VoIP provider
  • Fixed: Shortcuts in program group when selecting Cassini as the web server
  • Fixed: MyPhone Login Page closes after timeout of 10 minutes
  • Fixed: Myphone Busy timeout bug
  • Fixed: Call Reporter now saves Header and Footer of reports.
  • Fixed: File not found problem in Call Reporter fixed when reports.dsn file is not written.
  • Fixed: Call Reporter now uses Date-Month-Year setting of local machine.
  • Fixed: Default port for fax sending module was not correct. Has now been changed to 5487
  • Fixed: Call History Service is now restarted automatically after licence activation
  • Fixed: Bug in Conference Place extension configuration.
  • Fixed: IVR transfer when sip port is not equal to 5060
  • Fixed: Wasted call licence when assigning calls to an agent.
  • Fixed: Cache of non existent calls.
  • Fixed: Forwarding rules on extension would conflict with system wide Holiday settings

3CX Assistant

  • Added: Exception for 3CX Assistant in the Windows Firewall.
  • Added: Removed voicemail column
  • Added: Menu bar and about dialog
  • Added: Divert on ringing in notification window.
  • Added: Away and available are colour coded. Away Red, Available Green. Also Added to Menu action Drop Down
  • Added: All extensions can by default seel all other extensions (not details, just number)
  • Added: Voicemail Counter at the top
  • Added: The users group will be shown first in the extension list
  • Fixed: Rights for groups
  • Fixed: Caller ID Shown in Call Assistant

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