3CX PhoneSystem Updated License Activation Module

As part of our routine Security Audit checks, we have updated the client and server components of the 3CX PhoneSystem license activation procedure.

This means that activating your 3CX PhoneSystem requires the new version of the license activation module. This has been integrated inside the latest build (V 7.1.6589).

Please note that activation with earlier versions is no longer possible. Systems that need to be upgraded will show this message “License: 62” when attempting to activate.

Already-running 3CX PhoneSystem installations will continue to run. However, reactivation for upgrades will require you to install the latest build.

Version 6.1 users who do not wish to upgrade to a more recent version, will have to patch the installation to the new version of the license installation module. To install the patch, this ZIP file  must be expanded, and the file contained within with filename “php_CMStatus.dll” must be copied over the older version inside the path “C:\Program Files\3CX PhoneSystem\Bin\Php\extensions”. After a restart of the machine, activation will be possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Kevin Attard Compagno
Technical Support Manager
3CX – www.3cx.com