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3CX Version 9 Service Pack 5

3CX is pleased to announce service pack 5 for version 9. This update is mainly a bug fixing update and the last one for 2010. This service pack is available for download from the 3CX Winforms Management console / Service pack updates and will upgrade your 3CXPhone System V9 to build 15536. The update takes between 5-10 minutes once downloaded depending on the machine spec of your 3CX Phone System server. Update is 20Mb in size.

Important Notes:

Plug and Play: Plug and Play is only available for Yealink and TipTel phones at the moment. With this feature, creating option 66 in DHCP is no longer needed and you don’t need to know the IP Address of the phone or log in to the phone’s browser.

  • Right click on a detected Yealink or tiptel phone from the Phones Page in the management console and select “Add Extension” or “Add Existing Extension”.
  • Fill in all the required information and select the appropriate template for your phone model from the Provisioning Tab. Click on Apply and OK to save changes. 3CX Phone System will send a SIP NOTIFY message to the phone with the provisioning URL inside. The Phone will accept this and provision automatically.

Change Log Version 9 SP5 – Version 15536

  • Added: Support for Plug and Play for Yealink and Tiptel
  • Added: VoIP Provider templates VoIP Talk, Phonzo
  • Added: Ability to delete multicast entries in Phones Page (New detected devices)
  • Improved: Yealink Templates – Line keys are now provisioned to Line 1 for multiple Outbound calls
  • Improved: Cisco/Linksys Templates and added sidecar templates
  • Improved: Cisco/Linksys improved template modifying resync time on failure
  • Improved: Added new Aastra templates with sidecar
  • Improved: Languages for Management console
  • Fixed: SiP ID in bulk extension csv importing is blank
  • Fixed: Updating of outbound parameters in Blind Transfers
  • Fixed: If Forwarding rule is set to End Call, Busy prompt is now played (If option to play prompts is selected)
  • Fixed: Originator Caller ID is now kept when a call is forwarded to an extension which has RMS (Ring my Mobile Simultaneously)
  • Fixed: Problem in transfers when an extension with RMS
  • Fixed: Call termination improvements on disconnect or transfer
  • Fixed: Transfer call from Queue when queue member is configured to RMS
  • Fixed: Infinite Queue polling and ghost calls in queue
  • Fixed: Queue polling problem when caller disconnects call – call used to remain polling in the queue.
  • Fixed: Bug in queue that used to not poll agents when one of the agents removes option RMS
  • Fixed: Call disconnected when call is made using Gateways/VoIP Providers to an extension with RMS
  • Fixed: PBX was not sending BYE to disconnect a call made to an extension with RMS
  • Fixed: Issue in priority of extensions in a Ring group
  • Fixed: Queue announcing incorrect position.
  • Fixed: Queue poll call rejected by extension (hardphone) with RMS did not disconnect the Mobile phone too
  • Fixed: Extension profile changes, updates and Options Log in/out of queues
  • Fixed: Issue in Extension set to out of office outside of office hours when only Queue status was supposed to change
  • Fixed: Disable External calls when Out of office and remove option back in office hours
  • Fixed: Fax Devices can be selected when an ATA is configured from 3CX Management console
  • Fixed: Extensions in some scenarios used to remain set to AWAY profile
  • Fixed: Bug in adding of extensions in Phones Page
  • Fixed: Bug in holidays and configuration of Office/Specific office hours
  • Fixed: Bug in Rebound / Call Screening – Call screening recorded name was not being played to call recipient
  • Fixed: Bug in BLF order when an extension is provisioned with BLF
  • Fixed: Changing public IP for provisioning now updates all provisioning files
  • Fixed: Delete extension’s provisioning file when the extension is deleted
  • Fixed: Bug showing duplicate entries in Time Provisioning dropdown section

Known Issues

  1. Yealink phones pick up calls from Queue will pick up wrong leg of call. Reported and fixed in Yealink nest firmware update
  2. When a call to an extension with RMS is recorded and answered from the mobile phone, you will get a small audio file with no audio.
  3. Queue position will not be accurate if there are a lot of ringing polling calls in the queue
  4. If you have your extension configured with RMS, and you try and trigger a makecall from the Assistant, this will ring your own number
  5. Polycom users: G722 will not work directly with the latest Polycom firmware and users will not be able to transfer calls. Options to fix this temporarily are to bind the extensions to media server or put PCMU/PCMA at the top of the codec list (edit templates). G722 native support will be available in Version 10

Note (BETA): 3CX Users that want to register 3CXPhone for Android from an external location can modify a parameter in the custom parameters table of the 3CX Management console (Settings/Advanced/Custom Parameters) “ALLOWSOURCEASOUTBOUND”. Set this to 1 and you will receive 2 way audio upon successful registration. However this might have a negative effect on VoIP Providers so be careful to test this out properly on your environment before.

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