Free BLF Expansion module for all 3CX v14 users!

Want a nice BLF Expansion module on your desk? What costs $100 and up on an IP Phone, has just been added free to all 3CX v14 clients. With the virtual BLF Expansion module screen, you can quickly see the status of your colleagues, and make one click transfers! Click on the arrow in the main 3CXPhone screen to expand the BLF screen. Functions at a glance:

  • Page through BLFs using the arrows at the bottom
  • See Collegue status: Green-Available, Orange-Away, Red-Business Trip, Light Green-Lunch, Red with white line-DND, Busy-Yellow, Unregistered-Grey
  • To one click transfer a call
    • When on a call, simply click on the BLF of the person you want to transfer to and hang up.
  • For attended transfer, wait until call connects and introduce caller

blf expansion module screenshot blf expansion module on phone