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V15 ALPHA Available – Test the Future of 3CX….

It’s kept us busy for the last 8 months and the finish line is in sight. 3CX Phone System v15 is a major release with many new features, revamped management and under hood improvements.

Free PBX. 3CX V15 ALPHA is available for you to try today

Here’s a sample of the new features included in v15:

  • Brand new modern management console
  • New Dashboard for easy monitoring
  • NGINX web server instead of IIS/Abyss
  • Option to have 3CX manage your FQDN
  • Free Let’s Encrypt certificates automatically created and managed
  • SSL Labs A+ rating
  • Automatic SIP hacker tool detection and blacklisting
  • Encrypted voice traffic via tunnel and SBC
  • Improved DID handling and configuration
  • Improved integrated Video Conferencing
  • Remote provisioning of supported IP phones via 3CX RPS servers
  • Centralized Chat Log Function
  • Call log searchable from Web interface
  • Brandable web meeting interface
  • Powerful scripting module – easily build CRM integrations, call scripts
  • New web meeting URLs for the new 3CX WebMeeting platform
  • New 3CX WebMeeting Android App available from Google Play store

Still pending and not included in this ALPHA:

  • New client interface
  • New improved scheduled video conference interface
  • Easy configuration of FXS Gateways
  • Easy configuration of DECT base stations & handsets
  • Extension level rights
  • Bulk extension editing
  • Ability to run VAD scripts
  • New SBC build to follow shortly
  • iOS 3CX WebMeeting app
  • Call logs can not be converted from v12.5, you must install v14 first.

3CX Mac and Windows clients will be automatically updated to work with v15. V14 Android and iOS clients work with v15. View the complete change log.

Download links and Documentation:

Download 3CX v15 from this form – be sure to enter your details correctly, you will be sent a licence key that is required for setup.

IMPORTANT: Partners & Customers that already have commercial/nfr licence keys must use their existing key during installation. You can evaluate with a another key, but be sure to leave your subdomain of choice free so it will be linked to the key that you will be using. Do not link your subdomain of choice to a free key (unless you intend to use that).

Admin Manual:

We look forward to hearing your feedback! Please post them on our forum or as a comment below.

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