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Sweet Sixteen… 3CX v16 ALPHA

The latest version of the 3CX PBX is in the works and with it comes a significant number of new features and improvements, just in time for the holiday season! Read on for a sneak preview and download the Alpha version to try it out.

Expanded PBX Feature Set

Integrate your PBX with Office 365

We strived to make the latest version of 3CX the most feature-complete PBX, enabling you to do more with new features and upgrades, including:

  • Enhanced Office 365 integration module to enable one-way syncing of Office365 users to 3CX extensions, Personal Contacts syncing and setting 3CX user’s status based on their Office 365 calendar.
  • Enhanced queue options for skill-based routing of calls to agent groups.
  • Extended IVR module with scriptable and DTMF-code-based actions for increased integration capability.
  • Queue engine restructure to scale better for bigger call center installs with larger number of calls and queues.
  • Revised and optimized reporting engine towards standards-based reports.

Simply Effective

The Web Client updates for 3CX V16 ALPHA

The 3CX apps create a unified communication environment, working hand-in-hand with the 3CX PBX. 3CX version 16 apps improvements include:

  • Android & iOS Apps:
    • Chat interface with emoticons/emojis, feedback notifications and sending documents and images.
    • Improved performance and simplified UI (User Interface) design.
  • Web Client:
    • Revised chat interface with emoticons/emojis, feedback notifications, search and sending documents and images.
    • Added Sennheiser headset support.
    • Improved performance and simplified UI (User Interface) design.
  • WebMeeting:
    • Added the ability for user to join a meeting from a phone by calling a conference external number or calling the conference extension (700).

Secure by Design

New PBX security updates with 3CX V16

Administering an Internet-facing system keeps security always on your mind. v16 includes new and updated security features to ease your mind, making it the most secure yet:

  • Option to auto-update blacklist entries daily from an online list managed by 3CX.
  • IP blacklist Export & Import functions enables you to export all your blacklist entries and import them on another PBX to sync.
  • New option to restrict access to 3CX Management Console to specified list of IPs through new Restrictions tab.
  • Extended Management Console function to provide flexibility to choose the password/PIN to reset.
  • To enhance security and prevent service exploits, 3CX v16 does not send the user agent by default, unless SIP communication is authenticated.
  • Updated checks and warning notifications for weak extension security level.

Solid Foundations

3CX v16 is more than the sum of its parts. Updated under the hood components and automation logic, keep the 3CX PBX running with stability and top-notch performance:

  • Latest Postgres DB version – robust performance on a solid database engine.
  • OpenSSL to 1.0.2o – latest security-fix release.
  • Built using VS2017 compilers – keep the 3CX codebase modern and portable.
  • .NET Core framework update – improved performance and security
  • GCC 6 – code optimization & security improvements
  • Debian 8 EOL (End of Life) – recommended upgrade via our Debian 9 “Stretch” ISO to improve performance, security and benefit from v16 features.

Known Issues

  1. Any scheduled PDF reports will be converted to HTML.
  2. Clear browser cache before logging into Webclient.
  3. The new feature which allows IVRs to launch scripts requires the English Prompt set to be downloaded. Prompts for other languages are on the way. New installs will have these prompts included.
  4. Precaution for LINUX users: Linux installs are able to update directly from 15.5 update 6 to Version 16. It is important to take a backup before updating.
  5. An exception might occur when you access Activity Log. Install Visual C++ Redistributable 2015.
  6. WebRTC is now enabled by default.
  7. When your status is changed using Set Status Temporarily feature, the selected status is not updated.
  8. Extension Status over Bridges is not displayed correctly.
  9. When Agents have forwarding rules to mobile numbers, the Queue name is missing in the caller ID.

How to Get the Alpha

You can download the Alpha for Windows and Linux below or take it for a spin using our PBX Express tool and we’ll configure a brand new PBX for you to try!

Download links for:
Windows: 3CX v16 Alpha
Linux: 3CX v16 Alpha on Debian 9 ISO – choose “Beta” on the “3CX Update Channel” screen.

View the change log for this version and give us your feedback via the community forum.

Important: The Alpha version must be installed only for evaluation purposes and not on production systems, as it cannot be upgraded to or restored via backup on Beta or Release versions. This version is not covered by any support SLA.

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