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Top Three Advantages of a Windows-based IP PBX

In medieval times, one might have exclaimed: “PBX is dead. Long live IP PBX.” Nowadays, we tend to be less dramatic but that sentiment is clearly becoming a reality. Along with simplicity, a software-based IP PBX  for Windows present a host of web-based benefits for businesses.

According to the Dell’Oro Group, a market research firm focused on telecommunications, networks, and data centers, the carrier IP telephony market, which includes devices used to serve circuit-switched, voice over IP (VoIP) and voice over LTE subscribers, approached $7 billion in 2014, an 8 percent increase from the previous year, which shows that many IT managers have invested in telephony migrations and upgrades for their businesses.

The advantages of IP PBX, like 3CX Phone System are many, but in this space we’ll look at three primary ones:

  1.    Simple installation and management via a Windows Web-based configuration interface
  2.    Cost efficient, given that on-site legacy PBX hardware, like copper wires, becomes obsolete with the installation of Web-based software
  3.    Scalable, affording businesses the capability to add phone lines, extensions and connect remotely from a computer-based interface, without the need for physical phone lines

The greatest advantage IP systems offer companies is the flexibility to expand at little or no cost. By saving on calls from remote or international offices, new IP PBX phone systems connect an unlimited number of locations, allowing companies to access colleagues via smartphones, tablets or laptops, which enhances productivity and revenue.

Also, being able to manage IP PBX on-site, businesses can remain autonomous from external providers for support or upgrades. As legacy phone systems, which are intricate and hard to scale, become a thing of the past, hosted and unified communications will maximize the ability of companies to grow and advance with simply the click of a button.

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