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Is Your Phone System Good for Business, or Just ‘Good Enough?’

Communication is at the crux of any successful enterprise. The degree of collaboration between colleagues as well as engagement with clients is dependent on one key component: your phone system. Is your organization’s level of productivity dwindling due to poor communication technology? Phone systems have evolved into more than the legacy PSTN systems you currently employ; your business should take full advantage of what software-based PBX systems have to offer.

Consider these significant differences between legacy telephony systems versus the advantages of a software-based PBX with rich UC features:

Wiring: Legacy PSTN telephony systems require on premise hardwires from service providers. An IP-PBX system, or VoIP, eradicates the need for physical wiring as the calls are made via the internet. Less wiring results in less maintenance and the associated fees, as well as boasting a more sophisticated technology for your company.

Added Value: Legacy phone systems offer features such as voicemail, call transfer, call holding etc. but only at an additional price. IP-PBX UC systems include these features as well but at no extra cost. Each of these same functions is leveraged from one interface using internet connection. Not to mention, a plethora of other features such as instant messaging, web conferencing, and fax to email become available to you as well.

Scalability: Developing organizations need room to grow and add new employees to their directories. Legacy phone systems make this difficult, as additional phone lines are required. With a software-based phone system enjoy liberation from lines and add as many new extensions as you desire by way of the internet. Adding new extensions to a software-based phone system is free of charge, so you can concentrate on your growth, not your expenses.

Don’t let your business success hinder due to “old style” phone systems. Click here to read more about how upgrading to a software-based PBX can boost your business!

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