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Three Questions to Ask Your Potential Hosted PBX Provider

As a small business owner, do you have the bandwidth to deploy a UC-enhanced VoIP phone system? Many startups and small businesses do not, leaving them scrambling to compete against the larger organizations that have plenty of resources to deploy today’s best-in-class communications and collaboration tools. If you’re one of these smaller companies, your best option for gaining the productivity enhancements of unified communications is to offload your phone system to a third-party PBX provider.

What’s to gain from such a solution? Cost, believe it or not, is pretty much a wash over the long term, according to industry pundits, but the pros for a hosted system include lower setup costs and no maintenance costs. Here are some other questions you might want addressed by a potential hosted provider:

How much responsibility will you assume?

Control is often an issue for businesses when handing over the reins to a third party. If you’re leery of giving up too much power, be sure to find a supplier that provides flexibility in service terms. The perk comes from no longer having to manage an in-house system, enabling you to focus on more mission-critical issues.

Can you accommodate my business’s specific needs?

Your service provider will likely have the resources to implement a solution your staff might find too complex or costly to do on its own. Ask, however, whether such implementations can be provided for single users such as your company. That is, how will the feature set you need be distributed?

Do you offer optimal mobile capacity?

Is your business looking to embrace employee-boosting capabilities like bring your own device and remote work options? Make sure, then, that your provider supports such mobile initiatives as desktop phone system interaction with smartphones or other mobile devices. This will allow for call forwarding as well as in-depth applications that essentially provide users with a full desktop client on their mobile gadgets.

The 3CX Hosted PBX solution offers all the above and more. Start your 30 day trial today and see for yourself.

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