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Boost Collaboration Company-wide With Unified Communications

In most industries, collaboration is a prerequisite for success. Organizations understand that working in silos is counterproductive, as employees with different backgrounds and expertise can all bring value to the table for a project or strategy meeting. But a collaborative spirit isn’t enough to guarantee success; for that, your organization needs a communications system that supports your cooperative culture.

Unified communications (UC) solutions can help facilitate organizational collaboration by offering more efficient and convenient ways for employees to connect than ever before. For example, top-shelf UC vendors provide presence technology that let an employee view a co-worker’s status at all times. So if an employee needs to get an urgent message to a colleague in a meeting, he or she can see that the colleague isn’t reachable by phone or voicemail but can receive and view text messages. And because all channels are merged into a single UC system, no third-party messaging is necessary to send that text.

Businesses with multiple locations can also benefit heavily by adopting UC. For instance, rather than placing long-distance calls to reach colleagues in geographically disparate offices, the technology allows employees to dial a 3-digit extension for anyone on the company system, regardless of location. Best-in-class UC vendors also deliver business phone features and functionality such as:

  • Voicemail to email delivery
  • Unified messaging
  • Web videoconferencing
  • Conference calling
  • Mobility

In addition to the wide range of benefits it offers, UC can also drastically reduce your company’s phone bill. So if you’re looking to have your communications infrastructure match your organization’s collaborative spirit, it’s probably time to move away from your legacy phone system and enter the world of UC. Are you ready? If so, click here for a free trial download of 3CX’s communications system.

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