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Are You a Mac or PC Person? With 3CX, It Doesn’t Matter

Following in the tradition of rivalries like the Montagues and Capulets or Hatfields and McCoys, the battle between Windows and Mac computers ranks high among famous feuds. For businesses strictly loyal to one brand or the other, it’s critical that any phone service they adopt can integrate with their preferred machines.

No matter where the battle lines are drawn at your company, our 3CX Phone System has you covered. The fully-baked PBX solution integrates powerful clients for both Mac and Windows, giving you complete access to a wide range of functionality regardless of your operating system. For example, you can increase your productivity in the office with 3CX Phone System by launching calls directly from your desktop or transferring them with a few quick mouse clicks. You can also make and receive calls from your office desktop even if you are working from a remote computer by leveraging 3CX Phone System’s inbuilt softphone, which works on both Mac and Windows.

The system also includes 3CX WebMeeting, a Web conferencing solution built on bleeding-edge WebRTC technology. Because it’s built on WebRTC, you’ll be able to launch audio and video conference calls from a Web browser and host virtual meetings for colleagues and clients without requiring anyone—inside or outside your company—to download a separate client. Other unified communications features and business tools your organization can leverage with 3CX Phone System include:

  • Presence technology that allows users to see a colleague’s availability status at any time
  • Unified messaging that sends all emails, faxes and voicemails to a single inbox location
  • Click2Call functionality from Outlook, Salesforce and other CRMs
  • Android and iOS VoIP mobile clients that put your extension in your pocket wherever you go

A phone system that offers all kinds of bells and whistles but can’t integrate with the machines you favor doesn’t do you any good. 3CX Phone System, however, gives you all the communications capability you need no matter where your loyalty lies.

Are you intrigued? Click here to learn more about our Windows and Mac clients.

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